About Keo

KEO Cutters is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of high-grade solid cutting tools. The company's line of products includes combined drills and countersinks, spotting drills, chamfer and drill mills, counterbores, centre reamers, milling cutters and tool sets. These KEO tools are available in high-speed steel, cobalt and carbide versions with different coatings to ensure maximum tool utilisation and low maintenance cost. The KEO Milling Cutters catalogue comprises hole-type (keyseat, dovetail and T-slot) and shank-type (side milling, shell mill and slitting saw) milling cutters. These tools are designed for milling operations in machining centres and are available in different face widths, helix angles and cutter diameters. Choose from a wide range of milling cutters and other KEO products, such as countersinks, centre reamers, porting tools, counterbores and spotting drill bits, on Raptor Supplies.