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About Gast

The brand's extensive catalogue includes piston air compressors, pressure & vacuum switches, rotary vane compressors / vacuum pumps and vacuum generators. Gast 1-stage air compressors have permanent oil-less lubrication to release clean air and hot dog tanks that soften bursts of air from the back-and-forth compressor for consistent airflow. They come with an automatic start / stop pressure switch, beginning the compressor at 30 / 70 / 80 psi and stopping at 50 / 100 psi. These air compressors feature a manual drain, pressure safety valve, pressure gauge and globe valve for control, safety and longevity.

Major Trade Names

JUN-AIR Compressors

JUN-AIR Compressors

In contrast to traditional compressors, JUN-AIR compressors are free from piston rings. This feature reduces the tolerance between the compressor cylinder and piston, thereby minimising energy loss and heat development.

Gast Competitive Advantages

Air Motor Technology

Air Motor Technology

Gast air motors utilise compressed air for producing rotational motion of the shaft. This air motor technology ensures that there are no electrical sparks & overheating of the unit's components. Gast rotary vane motors having axial vanes are fitted into a slotted rotor, mounted eccentrically with the motor's housing bore. The torque required to dri...

ve the connected shaft is produced from the compressed air pressure. This air motor technology ensures that the motor is operational in all positions.

Blower Technology

Blower Technology

Gast regenerative blowers feature blower technology that supports reacceleration of the blower motor. In operation, the impeller of these regenerative blowers draws air into the compression space through the inlet port. This air is moved radially outward through the curved housing by centrifugal force and supports the succeeding blade for imposing ...


Vacuum Generator Technology

Vacuum Generator Technology

Gast vacuum generators have patented design featuring a combination of no moving parts and a series of venturi nozzles. Each nozzle of these vacuum generators has a progressively larger orifice for extracting maximum energy from the compressed air supply while improving the levels of vacuum generated.

Diaphragm Technology

Diaphragm Technology

Gast diaphragm compressors work just like standard piston compressors. However, the diaphragm technology minimises the noise & ensures quiet operation as opposed to loud piston compressors. The diaphragm of Gast compressors creates a vacuum as it moves down. This motion pushes the inlet valve to the open position as the outside air is allowed in. A...

s the diaphragm & connecting rod moves up, the air gets compressed & the discharge valve opens up. This compressed air is then moved to the receiver tank or the airline, depending upon the system design. This diaphragm actuated operation significantly reduces the noise output and overheating.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Gast Manufacturing do?

From 1921, Gast Manufacturing, Inc. has been a global designer and manufacturer of quality air-moving products. They provide cost effective solutions for a broad range of applications, such as manufacturing, healthcare and environmental cleanup.

Where is Gast Manufacturing located?

Gast Manufacturing, Inc., listed under general-purpose machinery manufacturing industry, is located in Benton Harbor, MI, United States.

What is the use of a Gast air compressor?

Gast pumps and air compressors are used for agricultural foam markers, crop sprayers and pest control equipment. These products are ideal for various industries, such as airbrushes, lab equipment, oil atomizers, food processing and more.

What is the difference between a two stage and a single stage air compressor?

The basic difference between a single and two-stage air compressor is the number of times the air gets compressed. In a single-stage compressor, the air is compressed once. Whereas in a two-stage compressor, it is compressed twice which doubles the air pressure.

What type of oil should be used for lubricating Gast air motors?

A 10 wt detergent oil is suitable to lubricate Gast air motors. However, 10w30 detergent oil can also be used as a substitute.

What size air line is recommended for Gast air motors?

It is recommended that the size of the air line should be one size larger or of the same size as the port.

Can Gast air motors be mounted in any position?

Yes, the unique design of the Gast air motor allows the user to install / mount it in any position depending upon the application requirement.

What are Gast air motor repair kits?

Gast air motor repair kits help to repair the air motors on the spot. These repair kits include motor gaskets, vanes, bearings, filters and motor maintenance manuals.

What are the uses of Gast eight vane air motors?

An eight vane Gast air motor is used in applications that require minimum operating speed, usually for inching applications.

How often should user service the air filter for Gast rotary vane motors?

It is recommended that the filters should be cleaned, inspected and / or replaced after 500 hours of operation.

What type of flushing solvent is suitable for cleaning Gast products?

Gast AH255D flushing solvent is suitable for cleaning Gast products. The user should avoid any solvent that contains flammable, electrically conductive or petroleum-based components for cleaning purposes.

Does Raptor Supplies offer accessories for the brand's spray guns?

Yes, customers looking for Gast spray gun accessories can look for repair kits. These repair kits include bearings, gaskets, pins, seals, springs and vanes that fit into the brand's spray guns when these already installed parts get damaged due to some technical issues.