About Quakehold!

QuakeHOLD! Is a leading manufacturer of disaster safety products to secure precious / heavy items which may tumble or fall during earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, floods & wildfires, causing accidents or injuries. The QuakeHOLD! catalogue comprises disaster kits, disaster prep supplies, emergency lighting and safety fasteners & straps. The brand's adhesive plate assemblies are designed to securely hold objects, items and unmounted units where there are no walls. These assemblies feature two 4 x 4 inch stainless steel plates and two 6 inch stainless steel cables for secure holding. The plates are equipped with 3M VHB closed cell adhesive and quick links for quick disconnection. They have a maximum weight holding capacity of 1000 lb. Selected models (RW4X4CABLEXL) are supplied with 24 inch long stainless steel cables for secure attachment to a wall / uni-strut system. QuakeHOLD! RatchetSTRAPs are heavy duty tightening staps for loads weighing up to 4000 lb. These straps allow the secure holding of multidoor refrigerators, freezers, shakers, incubators & large floor equipment against seismic activities and feature a ratchet mechanism on the strap for tightening or loosening the strap. Choose from a wide range of RatchetSTRAPs, available in 30, 60, 90 and 180 inch long variants on Raptor Supplies.