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  • Bucket Bags and Tool Organizers

    RoundUps bucket trays designed for organising fasteners and small parts. Feature plastic construction for durability and moisture resistance. Come integrated with pop-up carrying handles allowing the tray to be nested or stacked inside a 3-1/2 to 5 gallon bucket

  • Soft Sided Storage

    Ballistic polyester / nylon & leather / polyester tool bags featuring multiple internal (max 50) and external (max 28) pockets ensuring organised storage of different tools for easy and quick access

  • Tool Belts Work Belts Aprons and Suspenders

    Includes aprons, tool belts, tool pouches and heavy-duty suspenders featuring padded / polyweb / buckle belts for hands-free carrying. Ideal for use in carpentry, plumbing, basic utility and other repair works

  • Tool Holders And Replacement Cases

    Leather / polyester / top-grain leather tool pouches for storing cordless drills, impact drivers, electric meter testers, cell phones and pliers

  • Tool Pouches

    Feature multiple Sta-Open gusset pockets to store lighter tools, like nails, nuts & bolts, pliers and tape clips, securely in their position

  • Tool Storage Accessories

    Bucket lead seats used with 3-1/2 to 5 gallon bucket to store, organise and secure tools & work supplies. Feature small protrusions engaging the top ring on the buckets and slotted top pattern for removing moisture

About Clc

CLC designs and manufactures industrial-grade work gear for rugged use in oil & gas, construction, mining and metal fabrication industries. The CLC Work Gear catalogue includes elbow and knee pads, gloves, belts and suspenders, aprons, tool pouches or bags and tool lanyards. CLC knee pads feature gel-layer construction with an additional soft foam padding to provide user comfort during prolonged working hours. These knee pads are available in buckle & loop, button & loop, hook & loop, straps and quick-release buckle closure options. CLC tool bags are made of ballistic polyester, canvas, leather or suede leather and feature multiple Sta-Open gusset pockets for storing fasteners, hammers, tape clips, etc. These CLC gears are available in different sizes and materials on Raptor Supplies.

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