About Ics

ICS Diamond Tools & Equipment provides highly reliable concrete cutting equipment for mining & construction sites. Its extensive catalogue includes concrete chain saws, hydraulic power units, hydraulic chain saws / pruners and hydraulic tool-flow control valves. ICS gas-operated powerpacks are designed to provide hydraulic power to chainsaws for cutting operations, as well as excellent device cooling in an easy-to-carry package. These units feature a Briggs & Stratton engine that requires an estimated 1.3 gallons of gas per hour at a maximum pressure of 2000 psi and HTMA-approved quick-disconnect couplings to direct the oil flow from male to female ports.The brand's hydraulic chainsaws have three scratch-resistant bubble levels to provide more accurate horizontal and vertical cuts on reinforced concrete, bricks and natural stones. The redesigned sprocket design and secondary shut-off valves of these ICS concrete chainsaws allow quick replacements and conservation of water by flow metering, respectively.