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About White-rodgers

The White-Rodgers product catalogue includes fan limit controls, furnace boards, furnace ignitor controls, gas valves, mercury flame sensors and hot water controls.
White-Rodgers thermostats are used in HVAC systems for regulating temperature, humidity & energy utilisation. Two broad categories of White-Rodgers thermostats are process thermostats & room thermostats. Process thermostats control the fluid temperatures in manufacturing, commercial foodservice or industrial processes, whereas the room thermostats control ambient temperatures in commercial applications. Fan coil thermostats are ideal for controlling fan coil units in heating / cooling systems by using their manual fan control switch and adjustable temperature dial. Line voltage thermostats are used to control temperatures in the baseboard and radiant heating systems. These White-Rodgers thermostats keep the ventilated air within the temperature setpoint range. Mechanical variants of the White-Rodgers thermostats offer mercury-free reliable temperature sensing using a built-in bimetal thermometer.
Digital variants of the White-Rodgers thermostats, on the other hand, come in large number of designs & features for catering to diverse needs. They are generally equipped with LCD screens having a backlit option for enhanced visibility and easy to understand temperature controls. Classic 80 Series White-Rodgers thermostats are compatible with both fossil fuel and electric powered heating / cooling systems. They have permanent program retention irrespective of power loss and are available in battery-powered, hardwired or dual power variants. White-Rodgers thermostats can also be programmed for heating / cooling up to a certain temperature at a particular period. Blue Series and Sensi Smart White-Rodgers thermostats can be programmed for maintaining & regulating temperature, humidification / dehumidification and fan controls from a single unit.
White-Rodgers gas valves are designed to maintain a steady flow of gas in water heaters and stoves. These CSA-certified valves have a maximum heating capacity of 486000 BTUh and can operate at temperatures ranging from -40 to 175 degrees F.

Major Trade Names

Sensi Thermostats

Sensi Thermostats

White-Rodgers thermostats of the Sensi line like the Sensi smart thermostat and Sensi touch smart thermostat are Energy Star certified for saving about 23% HVAC energy by adjusting the temperature according to schedule or local weather information. These White-Rodgers thermostats have humidification...

/ dehumidification & fan controls, smart alerts for maximising comfort and balancing temperatures throughout the applied space.

Blue Series Thermostats

Blue Series Thermostats

White-Rodgers thermostats of the Blue Series are used to control temperatures in single-stage or multi-stage air conditioning units & heat pumps. Selected models offer heat pump dual fuel options to eliminate the requirement for a fossil fuel kit. These White-Rodgers thermostats feature humidificati...

on / dehumidification control with keypad lockout & set-point temperature limits for automatically & securely controlling the temperature.

White-rodgers Competitive Advantages

Cool Savings Option in Blue Series Thermostats

Cool Savings Option in Blue Series Thermostats

Selected models of White-Rodgers thermostats are fitted with the Cool Savings option to save energy during peak air conditioning demands. When a commercial or industrial space's cooling system has been running for more than 20 minutes, the humidity of that space gets lowered, leading to feeling comfortable at higher temperatures. If the Cool Saving...

s option is enabled in the White-Rodgers thermostat, the thermostat increases the desired temperature in steps, causing the system environment to eventually satisfy the thermostat and turn the system off. This technology helps in reducing cooling system running time and hence, saves energy costs.

Intelli-Vent Control for Water Heater Thermostat Control

Intelli-Vent Control for Water Heater Thermostat Control

Intelli-Vent Control combines multiple controllers of gas, ignition and thermostat in water heaters into one single controller. The controller uses the Intelli-Ignition technology and a microcomputer to oversee the water heater's ignition sequence & timings. It also provides diagnostic codes to solve system malfunctions, thereby extending the life ...

of water heater ignitors & other parts. The Intelli-Vent control has a silicon nitride ignitor rather than the previously used silicon carbide ignitors for durability and resistance to condensation. Its adaptive learning technology allows the controller to use the lowest voltage necessary for uniform ignition and increased ignitor life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which company owns White-Rodgers?

Emerson Electric (a world leader in automation and commercial HVAC solutions) owns White-Rodgers, a leading manufacturer of HVAC thermostats & controls and the first ISO 9001 certified HVACR manufacturer in the USA.

Where is White-Rodgers located?

The headquarters of White-Rodgers is at St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Is there a reset button on a White-Rodgers thermostat?

Some models of White-Rodgers thermostat systems come with a reset button for redoing the configuration settings of the thermostat. The reset procedure for most models of White-Rodgers thermostats is different. However, in most cases, users are required to long-press the Up or Down arrow and the Time button till the screen goes blank for factory resetting the White-Rodgers thermostats. Sensi Touch Smart thermostats, on the other hand, have their factory reset option in their menu's about the thermostat section.

What does the flame or snowflake mean on my White-Rodgers thermostat?

The flame symbol on the White-Rodgers thermostat denotes that the unit is asking users to increase the heat, whereas a flashing snowflake symbol indicates that the thermostat is asking for increasing the cooling.

Can you replace an old White-Rodgers thermostat?

Replacing an old White-Rodgers thermostat with a new one is a simple task. New White-Rodgers thermostats attach to the same wires in the same way as an old White-Rodgers thermostat, regardless of the increased functionality & features of the new thermostat. The only thing users or operators need to take note of while removing the old thermostat is to keep track of the wires & other necessary connections.