About Thermosoft

Since 1996, Thermosoft has been a leading manufacturer of electric floor heating products for the automotive, apparel and healthcare industries. Its extensive catalogue includes heating cables, floor heater thermostat kits and electric floor heating kits. Thermosoft manual floor heating thermostats are designed for temperature regulation of electric floor heaters in kitchen, lobby, bathroom and checkout counter floors. These Thermosoft thermostats allow both wall & flush mounting, can be easily installed in compact spaces and have a temperature range of 50 to 122 degrees F. Thermosoft heating cables are made of textile heated, electro-conductive fibres ensuring excellent flexibility and deliver power density of 3 watts per linear foot. The inner cross linked polymer & outer nylon insulation provide protection from chemicals as well as abrasives. These Thermosoft cables are capable of being operated at temperatures ranging between -50 and 200 degrees F. Choose from a wide range of the aforementioned products, along with electric floor heating kit accessories on Raptor Supplies.