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About Southworth

Southworth Products Corp is a leading manufacturer of material handling equipment ideal for vertical lifting and positioning applications. The Southworth product line comprises lift tables, pallet positioners, lift hand controls, pallet lifters, container tilters, portable lift tables or stackers. Southworth lift tables are best suited for lifting and moving loads during assembly operations in warehouses and construction sites. These tables are integrated with a scissors mechanism that can be extended and retracted to raise and lower the platform, respectively to an optimal height. They feature steel construction capable of handling loads up to 4000 lb and are available in battery-, electric- and manual-operated variants. For picking, tilting and moving stagged containers into position, to allow easy access, Southworth pallet tilters are best suited because of their electric motor that activates the hydraulic pump to raise and tilt bulk bins, totes, gaylords and crates without manual bending over or straining. Choose from a wide range of these products and related accessories, such as pallet disk turntables, elevating lift workstations and pallet level loaders on Raptor Supplies.