Things To Consider


Shaw Plugs have a small footprint and require compact packaging. Thus, these units can be delivered in a short period through courier shipment or air freight.

About Shaw Plugs

The brand's catalogue offers a complete line of mechanical expansion plugs, test plugs, rubber plugs and related accessories. Shaw expandable plugs are used to seal piping systems and handle the pipe pressure during draining and venting operations. These stainless steel / brass cam-action plugs can self-adjust to offer the tightest possible seal that won't loosen even under excessive vibrations.

Major Trade Names

Shaw Hex-Nut Expansion Plugs

Shaw Hex-Nut Expansion Plugs

These expansion plugs are used in low pressure seals in circular openings. They feature the same high expansion rate ribbed neoprene rubber as the Turn-Tite plug for greater grip. They can also be installed with greater force and utilises a wrench or other tools to seal off openings.

Shaw Snap-Tite Rubber Plugs

Shaw Snap-Tite Rubber Plugs

These rubber plugs feature brass cams and plated steel hardware for operations in plating or painting lines in industrial plants. They feature an easy flip-action to allow for quick installation and removal.

Shaw Wing Nut Expansion Plugs

Shaw Wing Nut Expansion Plugs

These plugs can be installed with greater force to seal off openings. They feature a brass head to securely fasten into a hole and a ribbed neoprene rubber body for better grip. They use a wrench or other tools to seal off openings.

Shaw Plugs Competitive Advantages

Shaw Turn-Tite Rubber Plugs

Shaw Turn-Tite Rubber Plugs

These rubber plugs have brass T-handles for an excellent grip to hand tighten the expanding plug into a hole. The industrial-grade neoprene rubber body is ribbed for better grip and a high expansion rate (10 - 12 percent). These mechanical expansion plugs are designed to close off pipes, receptacles and open conduits which are subjected to high pre...

ssure due to the fluid present in them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of using brass cams?

Brass cams are corrosion and abrasion-resistant. These units are ideal for use with water, hydraulic oils, coolants, gasoline and other petroleum products.

What is the purpose of smooth rubber design?

Smooth rubber design makes it easy to plug or pull in circular holes. It enhances the overall waterproof and corrosion resistance properties.

Is neoprene capable of withstanding heat?

Neoprene seals have a high expansion rate (10 - 12%) that allows superior heat resistance at temperatures up to 275 degrees F.

Are these expandable plugs pressure rated?

No, these expandable plugs are not pressure-rated due to unknown surface / environment / containment problems. However, Shaw plugs are mostly recommended for applications rated 15 PSI or higher.