About Polyscience

PolyScience is a global manufacturer of circulating baths, chillers, and low temperature coolers for applications in medical and pharmaceutical industries. The company's extensive product catalogue includes a wide range of laboratory circulators, benchtop chillers, water baths and process calibrator accessories. These CE-certified and RoHS-compliant products also come with the DIN 12876-1 Class III safety rating for application with flammable liquids. The brand's MX immersion circulators are ideal for tank capacities of up to 28 litres and can be clamped securely to both straight and curved tank walls. Water baths from PolyScience feature a stainless steel reservoir and allow users to set a desired temperature with the digital interface. Choose from a wide range of these water baths, laboratory storages and lab circulator accessories on Raptor Supplies.