About Polyken

Polyken, a sub-brand of Berry Global, is one of the most reliable sources for providing taping & glueing solutions in the automotive, arts & entertainment and HVAC industries. The extensive Polyken catalogue includes spray adhesives, medical transfer tapes, electrical tapes, duct tapes, carpet tapes, harness tapes, film tapes & foil tapes. Polyken double-sided cloth tapes feature strong rubber adhesive on both sides ideal for general-purpose mounting and holding purposes, as well as for installing carpets and a PE liner to facilitate easy unwinding. These tapes leave a minimum residue upon peeling and are capable of handling tensile loads up to 30 lb / inch with an operating temperature ranging between 30 & 200 deg F. For creating a waterproof and air-tight seal in patching or repairing jobs of HVAC systems and ducts, the brand's foil tapes are best suited because of their heavy-duty all-weather foil construction further coated with butyl mastic to exhibit excellent resistance against cold, sunlight, water and heat. These butyl sealant tapes are compatible for use on galvanised materials and facilitate painting over the surface, thereby preventing the additional requirement of caulking. They are available in 48 and 72 mm width options on Raptor Supplies.