About Nu-calgon

Nu-Calgon has been an innovator in the HVACR aftermarket for the last 70 years. The brand's wide catalogue includes scale inhibitors & removers, A/C refrigeration system flush kits, refrigerant leak repair kits, A/C refrigeration accessories and UV leak detector accessories. Nu-Calgon A/C refrigeration system flush kits have Rx11-flush, a patented HFC based solvent powerful enough to flush away sludge, carbon residue, oils, acids, water and other particulates from refrigeration and air conditioning systems. These kits are non-toxic, non-flammable and non-ozone depleting. Nu-Calgon condenser or evaporator cleaners are heavy-duty detergents formulated with special surfactants and alkaline cleaners that have been developed into a foaming, no-rinse product. This aerosol can be sprayed either right side up or upside down and is suitable for use on most coils, but particularly suited for condenser & evaporator coils.