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Cross-Reference Alternatives

Milwaukee's valve MPNs cross individual references to the equivalent Anvil model numbers. So, if you're looking for a competitor item that is either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the equivalent Milwaukee Valve product available.


These Milwaukee Valve products range from small to large sizes. They may require careful packaging as some items might get damaged while shipping. Hence, the brand's items are delivered by courier shipment and air freight for minimum downtime.

About Milwaukee Valve

The brand's product line includes a wide range of tanks & trailers, as well as globe & check, ball, lead-free, press, gate & medical gas valves. Milwaukee butterfly valves are ideal for fluid flow isolation & regulation applications. They feature carbon steel / aluminium construction and 316 stainless steel / nickel plated ductile iron discs for withstanding pressures ranging from 30 to 285 psi. They have stainless steel-backed, reinforced PTFE bearings for leakage-free operation. The brand's sprinkler valves are ideal for agriculture and irrigation applications. Selected models feature flow indicators to provide visuals of liquid flow for maintaining direction and flow rate.

Major Trade Names

Bronze Butterball Butterfly Valves

Bronze Butterball Butterfly Valves

These one-piece butterfly valves feature bronze construction for ductility and superior rust & corrosion resistance. They feature a threaded design for leak-proof connection, a Viton seat to resist entry of contaminants, a lever handle for easy opening / closing and a full-port opening for eliminati...

ng reduction of flow when water goes from the pipe to the valve.

Butterball Trim Valves

Butterball Trim Valves

These threaded butterfly valves can be installed in any orientation and monitored to signal if the valve is opened or closed. They feature one-piece bronze construction to provide superior corrosion resistance. They have a threaded design to offer a seal-tight connection with the pipe system and clo...

se slowly to prevent water hammer.

UltraPress Press End Valves

UltraPress Press End Valves

These press valves are fully annealed to increase flexibility, strength and sealing integrity for reliable crimping installation. They feature a bi-directional, quarter-turn design to provide On/Off service & isolation and full flow without pressure drop. They include a handle lever for manual openi...

ng / closing of valve orifice, allowing liquid to flow through the system.

UltraPure Low-Lead Valves

UltraPure Low-Lead Valves

These low-lead valves are ideal for potable water applications. They feature an internal spring mechanism to close the valve with minimal sound and a PTFE valve seat to provide bi-directional, bubble-tight shutoff (zero leakage). They come with a blowout-proof valve stem that reduces pressure in the...

intake system as the throttle is closed, thus preventing compressor surge.

Milwaukee Valve Competitive Advantages

INSULATOR / MS Ball Valve Handle

INSULATOR / MS Ball Valve Handle

The Insulator handle prevents condensation & extraneous moisture from entering the piping system, while also minimising thermal energy loss. This unit incorporates a memory stop feature to control flow rates in applications where precision throttling is needed. Disassembly or removal of the handle is not required to engage and make adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do UltraPress valves seal without leaking?

These valves contain a pre-installed EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) O-ring treated with a silicon-free lubricant to provide excellent heat resistance. The O-ring conforms to hard surfaces to form a bubble-tight seal, thereby preventing leakage.

Do UltraPress valves require special tools for installation?

No, UltraPress valves can be installed with standard press-fit tools.

What is the function of Milwaukee limit / interlock switches?

The limit / interlocking switches from Milwaukee are designed to detect the presence of an object or to monitor travel limits.