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Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Legris part numbers often cross-reference to various Apollo products. So, if you're looking for a Legris Valve that is either obsolete or out of stock, chances are we have the equivalent item available.


These valves & fittings are small in size and require compact packaging. They are suitable for courier shipment.

About Legris

Legris catalogue comprises push-in fittings, cartridges, tubing & hoses, polymer flow regulators, blocking fittings, silencers, ball & axial valves, quick-acting couplers, manifolds and adaptors. The brand's push-in fittings are designed for connecting various components in fluid flow systems. These ISO Certified fittings have patented sealing technology for maximising vacuum performance. They are parallel threaded with a patented captive O-Ring seal, ensuring a leak-tight seal throughout the operation. Their compact design allows for installation in confined spaces and existing, complex pipeline systems with minimum space tolerance. Legris blocking valves prevent damage to connected equipment in case of loss of pressure. They feature silicone-free design and brass construction for preventing fluid contamination. Their nickel-plated brass threads prevent thread wear even after repeated disassembly and reassembly.

Major Trade Names

LF3000 Push to Connect Fittings

LF3000 Push to Connect Fittings

These fittings connect to nylon, polyurethane, fluoropolymer and polyethylene tubing. They have glass-reinforced nylon construction for resisting wear against harsh chemicals. They have a stainless steel grab ring to securely grip the tubing's end once installed. Their nylon release button allows fo...

r easily releasing the fitting off tubing upon requirement.

TrueSeal Fittings

TrueSeal Fittings

TrueSeal Fittings are field attachable units that do not require any tools for installation. These lightweight fittings have all plastic construction, making them ideal for applications in air, water and beverage processing operations. They are also suitable for wine & dye processing systems and hav...

e Kynar seals for leak tight seal.

Fast & Tite Fittings

Fast & Tite Fittings

These connectors are compression style fittings that are installed without any additional clamps. They have nitrile O-Rings for tube retention and positive sealing with only hand assembly. They easily connect glass, soft metal and thermoplastic tubing on-site without any additional tools.

Par-Barb Fittings

Par-Barb Fittings

These injection moulded fittings are ideal for connecting multiple, flexible hoses / tubing on-site. They are suitable for cooling systems, beverage processing & dispensing and water flow applications. They have nylon / polypropylene construction for resisting wear against corrosive fluids.

Legris Competitive Advantages

Gripping Ring Technology

Gripping Ring Technology

Legris Fittings have gripping ring technology to grip the tubing once installed. These rings have minor elasticity for absorbing pressure impulsations and vibrations. The shape of the gripping ring teeth prevents chances of longitudinal scratch marks on the tubing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Legris self-sealing fittings?

These fittings prevent fluid flow if there is no tube connected to the fitting. They also maintain the pipeline circuit pressure in such cases.

What media do Legris fittings support?

They are ideal for controlling compressed air, liquids and gases within pipeline systems.

What are Legris LIQUIfit plus fittings?

These fittings reduce the growth of bacteria inside the pipeline circuits. They support the transfer of sensitive fluids in medical facilities and food & beverage processing operations.