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Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Killark's products' model numbers generally cross individual reference to the equivalent Appleton Electric MPNs (manufacturer's part numbers). So, if you're looking for lighting fixtures, enclosures, conduits, control stations, switches, fittings & accessories that are either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the alternate product available.


These Killark products are generally small to medium in size and require compact packaging. They are suitable for courier shipment and not air freight.

About Killark

Killark's product range includes electrical boxes, raceways, conduits, struts, extension cords, cord reels, power strips, circuit breakers, safety switches and automation equipment. Killark electric control stations are ideal for controlling industrial machinery in places exposed to high levels of moisture, dust and flammable gases, as well as prone to oxidation reactions caused by washdown services. These Hubbell Killark units feature colour-coded separate start and stop pushbuttons for hassle-free operation during a fire or other safety emergencies. They are available in cast aluminium and polyester resin enclosure variants. Killark conduit fittings are used for routing & protecting electrical wiring in devices, structures & buildings. They feature a copper-free aluminium enclosure for withstanding tough jobsite abuse and pre-drilled holes for mounting on both walls & ceilings.

Major Trade Names

Seal-XM Control Stations

Seal-XM Control Stations

Killark SEAL-XM FXCS Series control stations offer control solutions with Start/Stop motor functions, LED pilot light indications & more in hazardous areas. They are used in Class 1 Division 1 & 2, Class 1 Zone 1 & 2 areas that require Type 3, 7 & 9 protection ratings for indoor & outdoor use. These...

CSA-certified SEAL-XM Series products are ideal for preventing the ignition of flammable gases / vapours, combustible dust or easily ignitable fibres in the atmosphere.

LINEARLITE Fluorescent Fixtures

LINEARLITE Fluorescent Fixtures

Killark LINEARLITE DBF Series fluorescent fixtures are ideal for general & focused lighting in areas having flammable gases / vapours or combustible dusts or in Class I, Division 2 or Class II or III, Div. 1 or 2 hazardous locations (defined in the NEC). These Killark lighting fixtures for indoor & ...

outdoor applications can also be used in non-hazardous wet locations.

Duraloy 7 Conduit Bodies

Duraloy 7 Conduit Bodies

Killark Duraloy 7 Series conduit bodies offer easy access to conductors for pulling, splicing & maintenance applications of wires / cables. They are threaded for connecting to threaded rigid conduits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What standards do these Killark products comply with?

Many of Killark products adhere to UL, NEMA, CSA & FM standards by meeting their safety and performance standards.

What are the uses of Killark strobe and flashing lights?

Strobe and flashing lights emit brief bursts of light at regular intervals. These lights signal an emergency or warn of a potential hazard when attached to construction equipment and other types of warning systems.

What do the different numbers in the IP rating of Killark products indicate?

IP protection refers to the level of protection that the equipment provides against foreign matter and liquids. The first number in the IP rating determines the protection against solid objects (dust / debris / foreign object) with 0 being no protection & 6 being total protection. The second number in the IP rating indicates protection against liquids (water) with 0 being no protection & 8 being protection from long periods of immersion under pressure.