About Jobox

The brand's catalogue comprises jobsite cabinets, jobsite boxes, truck storage units, truck boxes, transfer tanks, mobile workbenches and cabinet accessories. Jobox jobsite mobile cabinet workbenches provide a portable workspace solution having a large storage space for tools & equipment. They are made from 12-gauge reinforced steel (top & bottom) and 16-gauge reinforced steel (doors). They feature 4 caster wheels (2 fixed and 2 swivel / lockable) for enhanced portability.

Major Trade Names

Site-Vault Heavy-Duty Chests

Site-Vault Heavy-Duty Chests

They feature dual built-in lid storage with attached cargo nets and are ideal for PPE / rain gear tools. They have a patented Site-Vault security system featuring 3 locking points and a reflective orange lock indicator to indicate whether the box is unlocked or locked. These tools have ergonomic lif...

ting handles that are positioned inside deep recesses to resist damage to handles & pinched knuckles. They have a robust bevelled edge lid to eliminate sharp front lid corners while enhancing lid strength.

Jobox Competitive Advantages

EZ-Level Bolster Systems

EZ-Level Bolster Systems

They allow the end-user to level cabinets without randomly searching underneath for achieving the proper adjustment. The shape of the bolsters helps in tip prevention and facilitates the user to quickly move the cabinet with the help of a forklift or pallet jack. The anti-tip feature of these systems widens the base footprint beyond the cabinet wid...

th for resistance to tipping and improved stability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which company owns Jobox?

Jobox is owned by Apex Tool Group.

Which type of locking system is offered by Jobox jobsite mobile workbenches?

These workbenches feature a padlocked enclosure and a manually operated latch release locking system for added safety.

Can Jobox tool boxes be mounted on a truck or trailer?

Yes, Jobox tool boxes can be easily mounted on a truck or trailer using the brackets supplied with them.

How do I lock my Jobox tool box?

Jobox tool boxes can be locked easily using a key / combination lock or padlock. Their specific locking mechanism may be based on application requirements and the configuration of the tool box.

Are Jobox jobsite boxes weather resistant?

Yes, most Jobox jobsite boxes have heavy-duty steel construction with weather-resistant seals to protect the stored contents from the elements.