About Helicoil

Heli-Coil helical inserts are used to create internal screw threads that can accommodate standard sized fasteners. The Heli-Coil product catalogue comprises screw thread inserts (both standard and screw locking design), working gages, cordless insert installation kits, hand & pipe taps, thread repair kits (standard and master), complete gages and mandrel tools. Heli-Coil thread repair kits contain 4 to 36 tools that are made from durable 304 stainless steel. They include UNF, MC, MF & UNC type thread inserts, along with a hand drill & an installation tool. HeliCoil screw locking inserts feature a resilient locking mechanism that securely grips the bolt and prevents its loosening due to vibrations or heavy impacts. These inserts comply with NASM8846, MA1565, NASM21209 and MA3331 standards. The brand's inch inserts are dyed red for quick identification and ease of operation. Choose from a wide range of Heli-Coil products, including inserts, power tool adapters, power supplies, tool drivers and more, on Raptor Supplies.

Major Trade Names

Heli-Coil Tangless Screw Thread Inserts

Heli-Coil Tangless Screw Thread Inserts

Heli-Coil tangless screw thread inserts are available in free running and screw locking insert types. These inserts can anchor permanently in position against the tapped hole (free running) and positively secure threaded components against shock or vibration loosening (screw locking). They provide p...

ermanent wear resistant performance and can be easily removed (after installation) or adjusted (during installation). They are available in inch and metric sizes in coarse & fine texture variants.

Heli-Coil Oversize & Twinsert Screw Thread Inserts

Heli-Coil Oversize & Twinsert Screw Thread Inserts

Heli-Coil helical inserts are available in oversize and twinsert helical types. They are ideal for restoring screw thread insert tapped holes as well as for correcting tapping errors to standard tapped holes. The oversize inserts are primarily suitable for correcting Heli-Coil insert assemblies that...

may cause tapping errors or gauge oversize. Twinserts provide correction to oversize tapping errors due to the large diameter which results from installing one insert inside another.

Heli-Coil Primer-Free Coated Inserts

Heli-Coil Primer-Free Coated Inserts

Heli-Coil Primer-Free inserts are designed to be used in applications where galvanic corrosion may occur between different metals. They are also ideal for magnesium and aluminium applications. The primer coating ensures excellent lubricity as well as minimum liquid chromate primer requirements. Thes...

e inserts provide more accurate bolt torques and contain no hexavalent chromium for user safety.

Helicoil Competitive Advantages

Heli-Coil 8 Pitch Screw Thread Inserts

Heli-Coil 8 Pitch Screw Thread Inserts

Heli-Coil 8 pitch screw thread inserts are a unique series of inserts, ideal for 8 pitch threaded holes. These inserts are fast and economical units, saving valuable and expensive parts (that would otherwise need to be scrapped) with minimum downtime. The wire cross section of these Heli-Coil 8 pitch inserts is precisely engineered to eliminate the...

pitch diameter of a standard 8 pitch tapped thread by exactly 1/8 inch and does not require any special taps. These Heli-Coil 8 pitch insert units can be used in existing flanges and bosses, where repairs are impossible with other types of solid bushings or inserts. They are available in inconel X-750 and 18-8 stainless steel variants.

Heli-Coil Self Tapping Screw Thread Inserts

Heli-Coil Self Tapping Screw Thread Inserts

Heli-Coil self tapping wire screw thread inserts guarantee a greatly versatile and inexpensive method of placing strong threads in fibrous materials, including wood. These Heli-Coil inserts are precisely formed to a diamond-shaped cross section configuration and a helically wound coil of carbon steel constructed wire, ensuring thread wear protectio...

n. Moreover, the outside design of the coil has knife-like threads which automatically tap themselves in to allow utmost penetration into the wood fibres, yet leaving major sections of wood between the threads for supreme strength. This improves joint strength in both face & end grain installations.

Heli-Coil Pipe Thread Inserts

Heli-Coil Pipe Thread Inserts

Heli-Coil pipe thread inserts are precision-formed screw thread coils that are cold-rolled into a sharp crest diamond shaped cross section design ensuring tensile strength under all operating conditions (even at pressures up to 20000 psi). They are made of 18-8 stainless steel wire to resist corrosion and offer a smooth surface of 8-16 micro inches...

. These economical Heli-Coil pipe thread inserts minimise thread failure due to vibration, stripping, corrosion, fatigue or seizing. Furthermore, these units prevent thread wear, even after repeated reassembly and disassembly.

Heli-Coil Spark Plug Screw Thread Inserts

Heli-Coil Spark Plug Screw Thread Inserts

Heli-Coil spark plug screw inserts are ideal for high performance and high temperature spark plug applications. These thread inserts are made from 18-8 round stainless steel wire to resist corrosion and are designed into a 60 degree diamond shaped wire. This cold worked wire is wound into a helical coil with the help of a notch and driving tang to ...

eliminate it after the insert is screwed into the helical tapped hole. These economical units are capable of reducing thread failure due to vibration, stripping & fatigue, and are ideal for extending thread life, even after repeated reassembly and disassembly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Heli-Coil used for?

A Heli-Coil is a coiled wire type of thread repair insert that is used to create internal screw threads to accommodate standard sized fasteners.

Do Heli-Coils work in aluminium?

When under the strain and pressure of an operating engine, the soft nature of aluminium metal permits threads to pull from their base material. So, an installed Heli-Coil threaded insert, on engines, ensures a secure threaded connecting point for accessories having aluminium heads.

What material are Heli-Coils made of?

Heli-Coil thread inserts are constructed of austenitic chromenickel steel having minimum tensile strength of 1400 N/sq.mm. These rolled threads ensure a wear resistant and high strength thread surface, with minimal frictional torque.

Can Helicoil inserts be used in hazardous or explosive environments?

Certain Helicoil inserts are suitable for use in hazardous or explosive environments by using materials that offer excellent electrical conductivity, spark resistance and other safety parameters. Materials like stainless steel may be suitable for such harsh environments as it has low electrical conductivity. Additionally, the use of special coatings or treatments can improve the spark resistance of the Helicoil insert, reducing the risk of ignition.

How do I know if my helicoil insert is functioning correctly?

To determine the proper functioning of helicoil inserts, the user can check the following factors:

  • Proper Installation: Users must ensure that the coil is properly installed and tightened to the correct torque specification.
  • Thread Engagement: Check that the Helicoil insert has sufficient thread engagement in the base material.
  • Thread Quality: Also, check the quality of the threads in the insert for any signs of damage, corrosion or wear.
  • Tightening: Ensure that the threaded fastener can be tightened and loosened smoothly and easily, without binding or galling.
  • Load Capacity: Check that the Helicoil insert can withstand the load requirements of the application without deforming or kinking.
  • If any of these factors indicate the Helicoil insert is not functioning properly, consider replacing the insert to restore the integrity of the threaded connection.

What certifications or standards do these helicoil inserts meet?

  • SAE International (Society of Automotive Engineers)
  • NASM (National Aerospace Standard)
  • ISO (International Organisation for Standardization)
  • AS (Aerospace Standard)
  • EN (European Standard)