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About Greenlee

Greenlee's wide catalogue includes anchor setting tools, clamp meters, box I-beam & torpedo levels, cable & wire crimping tools, cable & wire cutters, drill bit & tap sets and cordless drills. Greenlee magnetic levels feature large, easy to read vials like plumb vials, inclined vials & level vials and a compact, torpedo design with a V-groove for professional-grade levelling on pipes or conduits. They are also equipped with three / four rare earth magnets for superior holding strength and hands-free use when mounted on metal surfaces. They have aluminium alloy & anodised construction for ,making them lightweight, water-resistance & durable.
Greenlee drill / tap kits are power tool sets containing drill bits and optional nut driver & driver bits for drilling, tapping and countersinking holes. They are available in both SAE and metric sizes. Choose from a wide range of Greenlee products like electric conduit benders, digital multimeters, gas lamp testers and diagonal cutters on Raptor Supplies.

Major Trade Names

REEL-X Fish Tapes

REEL-X Fish Tapes

They are used to pull or route stranded or new wires through walls / electrical conduits during wiring applications. These REEl-X fish tapes have a free-spinning interior reel that eliminates binding / kinks, reduces tape friction and speeds up the fishing / pulling of cables. They have a no-handle ...

case design with a secondary exit for use in any orientation (even on the ground). Their Quick-Change replacement reels allow replacement of tapes / cables & removal of dirt / debris. The storage lock keeps the fish tape contained during transport.

G3 TUGGER Cable Puller

G3 TUGGER Cable Puller

Greenlee G3 TUGGER cable puller is ideal for fast puling of electrical cables using a pulling rope. This cable puller can be hooked on the back of a truck hitch or moved around the job site using the attached handle & wheels. It has a durable 120VAC motor designed for i...

ntermittent cable pulling up to 2000 lb. This cable puller allows adjustment of tail length, pull direction and angle of pull according to application requirements.

Circuit Seeker Kits

Circuit Seeker Kits

Greenlee Circuit Seeker circuit tracers use bi-directional / non-directional sensing technology to identify & trace live or unenergised circuits, wirings & junction boxes. They also find faults in a circuit & traces circuits that are shorted to the ground. These Greenlee tester kits contain a receiv...

er, transmitter & accessories for connecting to the circuit being traced or identified. The ergonomic receiver produces audible signals for understanding tracing feedback.

Gator Guillotine Remote Cable Cutters

Gator Guillotine Remote Cable Cutters

Greenlee Gator guillotine remote cable cutters are used to cut cables in a safe, remote manner. They have a flip-top jaw & guillotine style cutting head that rotates up to 350 degrees to secure the cables / conductors. These cable cutters can be controlled either by hand control or a Bluetooth-enabl...

ed universal remote control. The controls work on the double tap trigger mechanism to prevent unintentional blade engagement.

Cam-Track Conduit Benders

Cam-Track Conduit Benders

Greenlee Cam-Track conduit benders are used to bend EMT, IMC and rigid conduits on the job sites. They have steel-reinforced follow bars for ensuring long-term operation. These benders can form a 90-degree elbow bend quickly & accurately and are coupled with an electric-powered hydraulic pump for he...

avy-duty operations. Selected models feature a stationary / mobile bending table for easy operation.

Greenlee Competitive Advantages

Greenlee PowerSense Technology

Greenlee PowerSense Technology

PowerSense technology by Greenlee is used in the patented trigger of battery-powered wire / cable crimping tools for holding & adjusting cable material according to ideal positioning before crimping. It also provides faster crimping than ratcheting style crimpers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Greenlee tools made?

Greenlee has multiple manufacturing facilities, including Genoa, Illinois and Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

What are the major types of fish tapes?

Fish tapes can be made of steel, stainless steel or fibreglass material. Stainless steel provides rust resistance, whereas fibreglass offers non-conductive & lightweight properties. Fish tapes can also be divided based on their handle availability or mounting / holding requirements. Selected models of fish tapes do not require mounting or holding by the users as they can be simply operated by placing them on the ground.

What are the uses of a Greenlee knockout hole punch tool?

A knockout, chassis or panel punch tool is used to punch diverse sized holes through chassis or panels made of sheet metal or other materials for channelling cables or wires. An ideal knockout punch kit contains punches, dies, draw studs and manual / hydraulic / battery-powered driver.

Can Greenlee tools be used for both electrical and mechanical applications?

The brand produces various bending and moulding tools for electrical applications and numerous storage carts, bins, boxes and other material handling tools for mechanical applications.

What are the most popular Greenlee tools among professionals?

The brand's cable pullers and conduit benders are the most popular tools among working professionals.