About Flojet

Flojet's extensive catalogue includes diaphragm, drain, centrifugal & circulation pumps; oscillation & general purpose pumps and inline strainers. The brand's double diaphragm pumps have a polypropylene housing and Viton diaphragm for superior leak resistance and feature a unique shuttle valve with spring technology to avoid stalling. They are compatible with oils, solvents, D-Limonene, aromatic, halogenated hydrocarbons and acids. These pumps can withstand pressures of 100 psi and temperatures up to 120 degrees F. Flojet's inline strainers are made of a lightweight thermoplastic polymer that offers high-impact strength, surface hardness and resistance to abrasions & corrosion. These polypropylene units protect pumps, regulators, control valves and other process equipment from floating debris in water management and food processing applications.

Major Trade Names

Flojet Bottled Water System Plus

Flojet Bottled Water System Plus

The eco-friendly bottled water system is used for applications where potable water is needed like coffee / tea machines, refrigerators, ice makers and water dispensers. They feature an illuminated on / off switch, diaphragm pump, quick disconnect port, thermal protectors and ergonomic T-shaped wand ...

handle for a convenient water supply, eliminating the need for water filters that consume gallons of water for dispensing purposes.

Flojet U Series Bag-in-Box Syrup Pump

Flojet U Series Bag-in-Box Syrup Pump

These pumps feature an integrated gas manifold for quick installation and have modular construction for a reduced footprint. They offer an improved diaphragm pump to handle all types of syrup viscosities for run lengths up to 100 feet. They provide a broad range of solutions for the food and beverag...

e industries.

Flojet LF Plus Industrial Pumps

Flojet LF Plus Industrial Pumps

These LF Plus pumps are ideal for spraying, filtration, cooling, fluid transfer, dispensing and pressure boosting applications. These units have a Geoplast / Santoprene diaphragm and EPDM / Viton check valves for working effectively in harsh and abrasive chemicals. They also come with thermal prot...

ectors to prevent overheating and 360-degree quick connect swivel ports, allowing quick orientation in any direction.

Flojet Triplex Hi-flow Diaphragm Pump

Flojet Triplex Hi-flow Diaphragm Pump

These hi-flow pumps handle a broad range of chemicals in applications, including transfer, spraying, cooling, filtration, dispensing and pressure boosting. These pumps are self-priming and run dry without damaging the pump parts. They have an integrated pressure switch to shut off automatically when...

the discharge valve is closed and they restart again when the valve is opened.

Flojet Competitive Advantages

Flojet BevJet Electrical Bag-in-Box Pumps

Flojet BevJet Electrical Bag-in-Box Pumps

These BIB Series pumps feature a compact design that enables mounting in tight spaces like cabinets, carts and other similar areas. Their unique diaphragm pumping technology offers extended service life. BevJet pumps have sensors that quickly shut down the beverage box when empty and automatically restart when the supply is full. They can withstand...

a maximum pressure of 40 psi and delivers a flow rate of 0.6 GPM.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a T-shaped wand handle?

The T-shaped wand handle is a type of suction wand, when inserted into the water bottle, activates the float switch on the pump. The wand also has an integrated back-flow valve to prevent water from flowing back into the bottle.

What are self-priming pumps?

These pumps work against gravity by compressing air to move and draw fluids. They do not need to be submerged in liquid or placed under the watertank, instead, they can be operated above the level of the fluids being drawn through the pump.

What is the purpose of a diaphragm?

Diaphragm pumps create a hermetic seal between the drive mechanism and the compression chamber, allowing the pump to transfer, compress and evacuate the medium without using a lubricant. They can be used with fluids, such as corrosive chemicals, volatile solvents, viscous fluids, abrasive slurry, smaller solids and creams, gels & oils.

How do I install a Flojet pump?

  • Remove shipping plugs from pump ports.
  • Connect fittings supplied with the pump. Use half-inch inside diameter, flexible hose (preferably braided or reinforced) to reduce vibration through the plumbing system.
  • Use hose clamps on the slip-on barb hose connectors.
  • Slide the rubber mounts into the four mounting tracks to extreme positions.
  • Mount the pump vertically, with the pump head down or horizontally, in an accessible location.
  • Install inlet and discharge port connectors.
  • Firmly push the slide clips forward to lock port connectors.
  • Install a strainer in an accessible location (for inspection and cleaning) between the tank and pump inlet.

How do I maintain and troubleshoot my Flojet pump?

  • Clean the pump and its filters regularly to prevent clogging and improve efficiency.
  • Ensure that all connections are secure to prevent leaks and other issues.
  • Regularly inspect the pump for worn or damaged parts and replace them as necessary.
  • Check the electrical connections and power supply if the pump does not turn on.
  • Check the filters, strainer and discharge line for clogs if the pump is not producing enough flow.
  • If the pump overheats, check for proper ventilation and ensure that the impeller is not clogged.

Can Flojet pumps be used in hazardous or explosive environments?

The brand offers ATEX-approved G70 air diaphragm pumps for use in hazardous / explosive environments.

How do I know if my Flojet pump is functioning correctly?

  • Ensure that the pump is receiving proper voltage and frequency.
  • Ensure it is securely attached and free of obstructions.
  • Check if the pump has enough liquid in the casing to prime.
  • Observe the flow rate at the outlet to ensure it meets the specifications.
  • Listen for unusual noises or vibrations that may indicate a malfunction.