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Things To Consider


These Enerpac pumps are suitable for standard courier shipment and not air freight.

About Enerpac

Enerpac catalogue includes hydraulic cylinders, swing cylinders, hydraulic pumps (hand-operated & air-powered), hose assemblies, hydraulic presses, hydraulic valves, pressure gauges and more. The brand's H-frame floor presses are designed to exert a high amount of force to press, bend, straighten or compress materials. They are equipped with single or double-acting cylinders to exert force in either one or two directions. These floor presses also have Hydra-Lift beds for effortless adjustment and have welded frames for ultimate strength. Enerpac hand-operated pumps are ideal for lifting, bolting or applying pressure on objects by pressurising and moving hydraulic fluid. They are powered by a compressed air or gasoline engine and have an internal pressure relief valve for overload protection. Their tough glass-filled nylon reservoir holds the pressurised hydraulic fluid that lifts the cylinder's piston, which lifts the load.

Major Trade Names

Flat-Jac Cylinders

Flat-Jac Cylinders

These RSM Series, Flat-Jac cylinders have a compact & flat design for fitting in spaces where other hydraulic cylinders will not fit. These hydraulic cylinders are a type of single acting spring return cylinders.They have grooved plunger end...

s that do not need a saddle.

POW'R-LOCK Mobile Lift System

POW'R-LOCK Mobile Lift System

These POW'R-LOCK mobile lift systems feature continuous automatic locking protection for efficient lifting of heavy machinery. These systems eliminate the need for manual locking while lifting or lowering loads.

POW'R-RISER Lifting Jack

POW'R-RISER Lifting Jack

These PR Series POW'R-RISER lifting jacks are used to lift heavy machinery and equipment. They feature a three position handle and wheels for easy movement over rough terrains. These lifting jacks have double acting cylinders with SUP-R-STACK extension system for lifting heavy loads without any brea...


Auto Damper Valve

Auto Damper Valve

These Enerpac valves are used to protect pressure gauges in Enerpac pumps and cylinders. These Enerpac auto damper valves control the flow of hydraulic fluid and prevent pressure loss when load or pressure is released suddenly.

Caterroller Load Skates

Caterroller Load Skates

These Enerpac Caterroller load skates are used to transport heavy machinery & equipment from one place to another. They are placed under heavy loads after the load is lifted up using machine lifts or low profile hydraulic cylinders. These load skates come in a kit containing various components for l...

ow rolling resistance, increased stability and easy turning around corners.



These Spee-D-Couplers are connected to Enerpac pumps for leak proof transfer of fluids from hydraulic cylinders and other Enerpac products. These couplers are available as a set or as individual pieces of male & female halves.

Enerpac Competitive Advantages

GR2 Bearing Technology

GR2 Bearing Technology

Enerpac RC Series DUO cylinders feature GR2 bearing technology to absorb eccentric / side load stresses and reduce bearing loads while lifting / releasing load from the hydraulic cylinder. GR2 bearing technology helps in increasing the service life of RC Series DUO cylinders by preventing abrasi...

on, plunger over extension / blow outs and jamming / top end mushrooming.

XVARI Technology

XVARI Technology

Enerpac XA Series air powered hydraulic pumps feature XVARI technology to precisely control hydraulic oil flow and thereby control the extension & release of hydraulic cylinders. XVARI technology prevents oil contamination and reduces operator fatigue as it provides two foot operated controls for releasing & pressurising the hydraulic fluid flow fr...

om the pump to cylinder. These easily carriable Enerpac pumps offer higher hydraulic delivery and faster speeds of lifting / releasing than conventional air driven hydraulic pumps, owing to XVARI technology. Selected models of these Enerpac pumps feature a pressure gauge (easily identifiable by the letter G at the end of their model number) for monitoring the hydraulic fluid pressure supplied to the hydraulic cylinder.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some compatible accessories for Enerpac pumps?

  • Tank kits: These tank kits provide a port at the back side of the reservoir of Enerpac pumps, for returning the unused hydraulic fluid back to a tank for storage.
  • Hoses: Raptor Supplies offers hoses that connect to Enerpac pumps for supplying hydraulic fluids.
  • Gauge adaptors: Users can use gauge adaptors for monitoring fluid pressure inside Enerpac pumps and prevent overloading or over pressurising them.
  • Foot pump conversion kits: These foot pump conversion kits allow handles of Enerpac pumps to be controlled using foot power, thus offeing easy to use, hands free operation.

What is the difference between a double acting and single acting hydraulic cylinder?

Unlike single acting air cylinders, double acting cylinders can move (extend and retract) the load in both directions without the need for a spring. Single acting cylinders are mainly used in light to medium duty industrial applications where force is needed in one direction. Double acting cylinders provide more speed and force of lifting / releasing loads as compared to single acting cylinders.

What are some safety guidelines when using Enerpac products?

  • Users should always check the worksite, tools and other safety instructions before using Enerpac products. They should also use the right tool for the required application.
  • Do not go beyond 80 per cent of higher limits of stroke, load or pressure parameters, if possible.
  • Use personal protective equipment like safety glasses, gloves, steel toed work shoes and hard hats.
  • Use solid supports under Enerpac cylinders, bottle jacks & other tools to evenly distribute load.
  • Check for wear & tear on Enerpac products. Do not externally modify Enerpac tools without consulting Enerpac manuals.
  • Do not keep any body parts under lifted loads to avoid accidental injury.
  • Enerpac pumps should be filled with the recommended hydraulic oil up to the specified level mentioned in Enerpac product manuals.
  • When Enerpac pumps are connected to hydraulic cylinders, ensure retracting the cylinders fully after every use and before letting out hydraulic fluid from the Enerpac pump.

Which company owns Enerpac?

Enerpac is fully owned by Enerpac Tool Group, an industrial tools & services company that is headquartered at Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, USA.

How to refill Enerpac hand pump oil?

  • First, remove the reservoir's fill plug.
  • Then, take Enerpac HF102 hydraulic oil and fill the reservoir up to the level marked on the pump.
  • Finally, plug the reservoir and ensure a tight seal.

What are the common applications of Enerpac pipe benders?

Enerpac pipe benders can be used for fabricating steel, aluminium and brass pipes in automotive repair or bar bending for landscape and concrete work.

What is the advantage of using Enerpac cordless technology-based hydraulic pumps?

Enerpac cordless pumps are ideal for eliminating tripping hazards in electric or pneumatic pumps in remote locations and indoor facilities.