About Defelsko

For over 50 years, DeFelsko Corporation has been manufacturing hand-held coating thickness gauges and inspection instruments for the paint, manufacturing, petrochemical and marine industries. Its extensive catalogue includes adhesion testers, ultrasonic thickness gauges, temperature humidity & dew point meters, ferrous / non-ferrous metal coating gauges and related accessories. DeFelsko PosiTector 200 Series advanced coating gauges feature ultrasound technology to measure the total thickness of a coating system or up to 3 individual layer thicknesses non-destructively. These ready-to-measure gauges have an interchangeable platform that allows the user to attach any PosiTector probe to a single gauge body. For measuring non-magnetic coating thickness on steel, DeFelsko offers rugged mechanical dial- / pen-type coating thickness gauges. These magnetic pull-off gauges require no battery and are shockproof and water-, oil-, acid- & dust-resistant. The lightweight & portable pen-type gauges need no user adjustment and are ideal to be used on small, hot and hard-to-reach surfaces. A wide variety of these mechanical gauges are available in a measuring range of 0 - 80 mils on Raptor Supplies.