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About Briskheat

BriskHeat has been manufacturing a wide variety of heating products since 1949. Its product catalogue includes surface heaters, temperature controllers and thermostats. The BriskHeat drum heater is a surface heater, which is wrapped around the drum while working in cold environments to prevent the drum contents from freezing. BriskHeat temperature controller is used in industrial applications to control temperature of various devices and is available in various options, ranging from bimetal thermostats to a complete line of digital PID temperature controllers. The company's Heating product line includes heating blankets, heating tapes, heating cords and heating mantles in different current ratings. These products are used to prevent freezing and condensation problems by maintaining the required viscosity of drum contents. The BriskHeat heating blanket, also known as silicone rubber heating blanket, features an in-built temperature controller and is ideal for heating surfaces like tanks, hoppers, conveyors and silos.

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