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Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

B/A Products part numbers often cross-reference to various Dayton products. So, if you're looking for a B/A Products pulley block that is either obsolete or out of stock, chances are we have the equivalent item available.


These equipment are small in size and require compact packaging. They are suitable for courier shipment & air freight.

About B/a Products Co.

The brand's product catalogue comprises B/A chains, towing products, car dollies, cable hooks and winch & towing accessories. B/A Products snatch blocks are designed for changing the direction of load being moved in transportation and storage applications. They feature bronze bushings for smooth operation while minimising wear against friction & heat. These blocks have grease fittings for further minimising resistance & friction. They have easy opening side plates for quick demounting / mounting. These snatch blocks have a built-in hook lock for preventing the cable from slipping out during sudden jerks.

Major Trade Names

Twist Lock Grab Hooks

Twist Lock Grab Hooks

These hooks prevent accidental release of the chain when hooked. They also prevent inadvertent re-hooking during operation. These grab hooks are ideal for the chain to chain hooking, vehicle stabilisation and tie-down applications.

Integrated Dolly Speed Mounts

Integrated Dolly Speed Mounts

These mounts hold dolly frames, breakover bars and telescoping axles. They have a painted finish for abrasion resistance against outdoor conditions.

B/a Products Co. Competitive Advantages

Synthetic Winch Lines

Synthetic Winch Lines

These synthetic lines float on water for rescue operations. Their synthetic design is free from burrs, thereby reducing chances of cuts & injuries during the operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to tie loads on flatbed trailers?

Hooks, such as weldable grab hooks, are ideal for these applications. They are welded onto the edges of the base of the trailer. Once fixed, the workload can be loaded and the straps can be used to tie the load using weldable hooks as anchoring points.

How to tension B/A Products cables while securing workpieces?

Products, such as cable tensioners and guides, can be used to tension the cables while loading & securing workpieces.