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Belt Clip

Belt Clip

Item: CT9BWD
Model: CB-SLX
23.14 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Belt Clip, Alligator Belt Clip
Item: CR4JQP
Model: MB103Y
46.24 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Carry Case, Carry Accessory
Item: CR4JTG
Model: NCF1035C
73.04 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Carryall Case, Black

Carryall Case, Black

Item: CH9UNX
Model: S491
23.58 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Lockout Carrying Case with Electrical Device Assortment and 6 Thermoplastic Padlocks
Item: CM7UUE
Model: 1458E410PRE
844.28 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Multimeter Carrying Case, Overall Length 9.25 Inch
Item: CE4YGX
Model: 69401
50.34 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Plastic Portable Tool Box, 6-5/8 Inch Overall Height, 16-1/8 Inch Overall Width
Item: CE9TGA
Model: 48-22-8424 48-22-8425 48-22-8426
1,069.75 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Plastic Weight Case, Button/Compact Weight, 5Kg
Item: CE8GCY
Model: 347-130-400
24.95 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Water Resistent Hot Stick Carry Case, 8 ft.
Item: CJ4BDY
Model: CPHSC-418
185.60 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Wood Weight Case, Button/Compact Weight, 1mg To 1Kg
Item: CE8FUH
Model: 335-060-200
487.62 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Wood Weight Case, Button/Compact Weight, 2g
Item: CE8FUR
Model: 337-020-200
38.56 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Zipped Soft Case, 16 Pieces
Item: CJ4HNJ
Model: ST-ZSC16
440.32 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Tool Storage

Tool storage from Raptor Supplies is a convenient way to organise your tools wherever you are, whether at your home or stored in your vehicle. The tool storage options include tool pouches made of polyester with up to 21 pockets for separate storage and handy use. Tool chests provide storage for heavier use with multiple drawers and a lock and keys. Plastic tool boxes are also available in 33 cm and 40 cm for easy portability and removable small plastic trays.

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