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About Arc Abrasives

Arc Abrasives Inc, manufactures industrial-grade surface conditioning products for abrasive-metalworking applications in steel, smelting, forging and metallurgical industries. The Arc Abrasives catalog includes sanding belts, cut-off wheels, grinding wheels, resin-fibre discs, Quik-Lok discs, cartridge rolls and no-lap bands. Sanding belts manufactured by the brand are designed to handle operations ranging from creating fine finish on stainless-steel coils to removing heavy-stock welds. Arc Abrasives sanding belts feature a heavy Y-weight polyester backing and a proprietary grain structure for reinforcing the gram removal ratio. For use with portable grinders to blend surfaces, the brand also offers flap discs comprising of aluminium oxide / ceramic / zirconia alumina flaps glued to a backing plate. These surface finishing products are available in different abrasive grit sizes and materials on Raptor Supplies.