TRIM LOK INC 100B3X3/32-25 Edge Trim Aluminium Clip 0.26 Inch Width 25 Feet | AA2BMN 10C929

TRIM LOK INC 100B3X3/32-25 Edge Trim Aluminium Clip 0.26 Inch Width 25 Feet

Item: AA2BMN Model: 100B3X3/32-25Cross Ref: 10C929
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A$90.24 /unit (inc. GST)
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Product Specifications:

ItemVinyl Edge Trim
ColorTextured Black
Fits Edge0.09375"
Leg Length0.562"
MaterialVinyl w/Metal Core
Overall Width0.263"
StyleSingle Gripping Finger

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 1.13
Ship height (cm)5.08
Ship length (cm)50.8
Ship width (cm)45.72
HS code3926909980
Country of OriginUS

Product Details:

Trim-Lok Inc 100B3X3/32-25 edge trim clip covers & protects naked edges from wind, water and dust. It is ideal for glass, metallic, plastic and wooden door & window panels.


  • Trim-Lok Inc 100B3X3/32-25 edge trim clip features durable PVC construction that resists ozone, sunlight ageing and withstands cold climatic conditions.
  • Its single gripping finger style aluminium clips provide superior grip.
  • This edge trim can resist heat up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

Standards and Approvals:

  • FMVSS 302
  • FAA / FAR 23.853
  • UL 50E
  • UL 94HB

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Are Trim-Lok trims suitable for tight spaces?

A. Yes, Trim-Lok trims have rubber construction, enabling fitting across tight corners without material bumps.

Q. What is the hardness level of this edge trim?

A. Trim-Lok Inc 100B3X3/32-25 edge trim clip has a PVC base having a hardness of 85 Durometer.

Q. How to prevent these trims from wearing off the workpiece?

A. Trims-Lok rubber edge trim seals have pre-applied hot melt adhesive to stick to the workpiece on heating. These trims should be properly heated during the installation to prevent trim loosening of grip over time.

Product Variants

ProductModelLeg LengthLengthMaterialOverall WidthStylePrice
TRIM LOK INC 100B3X1/8-25 Edge Trim Aluminium Clip 0.3 Inch Width 25 Feet | AA2BMP 10C930
100B3X1/8-250.562"25ft.Vinyl w/Metal Core0.295"Single Gripping FingerA$87.63
TRIM LOK INC 100B3X5/32-25 Edge Trim Aluminium Clip 0.33 Inch Width 25 Feet | AA2BMQ 10C931
100B3X5/32-250.562"25ft.Vinyl w/Metal Core0.326"Single Gripping FingerA$90.24
TRIM LOK INC 100B3X3/16-25 Edge Trim Aluminium Clip 0.36 Inch Width 25 Feet | AA2BMR 10C932
100B3X3/16-250.562"25ft.Vinyl w/Metal Core0.357"Single Gripping FingerA$89.23
TRIM LOK INC 100B3X1/4-25 Edge Trim Aluminium Clip 0.42 Inch Width 25 Feet | AA2BMT 10C933
100B3X1/4-250.562"25ft.Single Gripping0.42"Single Gripping FingerA$89.28
TRIM LOK INC 100B3X1/16-100 Edge Trim Aluminium Clip 0.23 Inch Width 100 Feet | AA2BMU 10C934
100B3X1/16-1000.562"100ft.Vinyl w/Metal Core0.232"Single Gripping FingerA$307.67
TRIM LOK INC 100B3X3/32-100 Edge Trim Aluminium Clip 0.26 Inch Width 100 Feet | AA2BMV 10C935
100B3X3/32-1000.562"100ft.Vinyl w/Metal Core0.263"Single Gripping FingerA$277.53
TRIM LOK INC 100B3X1/8-100 Edge Trim Aluminium Clip 0.3 Inch Width 100 Feet | AA2BMW 10C936
100B3X1/8-1000.562"100ft.Vinyl w/Metal Core0.295"Single Gripping FingerA$304.22

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TRIM LOK INC 100B3X3/32-25 Edge Trim Aluminium Clip 0.26 Inch Width 25 Feet
A$90.24 /unit (inc. GST)