NORD SK572.1-112MP/4 19.57 AC Gearmotor 90 rpm TEFC 19.57 Inline 5HP | AH9CFH 39RK77

NORD SK572.1-112MP/4 19.57 AC Gearmotor 90 rpm TEFC 19.57 Inline 5HP

Item: AH9CFH Model: SK572.1-112MP/4 19.57Cross Ref: 39RK77
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A$4,236.61 /unit (inc. GST)
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Product Specifications:

ItemAC Gearmotor
EnclosureTotally Enclosed Fan-Cooled
Full Load Amps6.5
Gear Case MaterialDie Cast Aluminum Alloy
Gear MaterialHardened Steel
Gear Ratio19.5:1
Gear TypeHelical/In-line
GearsHardened Steel
HousingDie Cast Aluminum Alloy
Input HP5
Insulation ClassF
Keyway Size5/16" x 5/32" x 2-1/8"
Length Less Shaft22.625"
LubricationGrease Filled
Max. Ambient Temp.40 Degrees C
Max. Torque3540.0 in.-lb.
Motor Type3-Phase
Mounting PositionHorizontal
Nameplate RPM90
No Load RPM90
Number of Brake Discs Required0
Overhung Load1109 lb.
Reversible Shaft OutputNo
Shaft Dia.1.375"
Shaft OrientationInline
Shaft TypeSingle
Thermal ProtectionNone
TypeAC Gearmotor
Voltage230/460 VAC

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 53.55
Ship height (cm)48.26
Ship length (cm)88.9
Ship width (cm)50.8
Country of OriginDE

Product Details:

Nord SK572.1-112MP/4 19.57 AC gearmotor provides controlled torque and speed, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. It is used in conveyor systems, packaging machinery and material handling equipment.

Working Mechanism:

  • Nord SK572.1-112MP/4 19.57 AC gearmotor functions using a three-phase AC motor to convert electrical energy into mechanical power.
  • This motor generates a rotating magnetic field when connected to a power source, causing its rotor to turn and produce mechanical output.
  • This mechanical output is then directed into a gearbox with a 19.57:1 gear ratio.
  • The gearbox reduces the output speed while significantly increasing torque, making it suitable for tasks that require precise control and substantial force, such as driving conveyor systems and heavy machinery.


  • Nord SK572.1-112MP/4 19.57 AC gearmotor has an inline shaft orientation for compact installations.
  • This three-phase gearmotor offer efficient and reliable operation and it is totally enclosed & fan-cooled to prevent dust, moisture and overheating, increasing its longevity in harsh environments.
  • It has a ball bearing to reduce friction and enhance efficiency, offering long-lasting performance.
  • This gearmotor has a lip seal to prevent contaminants from entering, maintaining integrity.
  • It features a die-cast aluminium housing, providing durability while being lightweight.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the maximum torque output of this Nord SK572.1-112MP/4 gearmotor?

A. This gearmotor offers a 3540 lb-inch maximum torque output, making it suitable for heavy-duty tasks.

Q. What is the significance of the gear ratio 19.57:1 in this gearmotor?

A. The gear ratio determines how much the motor's speed is reduced and the torque is increased. In this case, for every 19.57 rotations of the motor, the output shaft completes one rotation, providing high torque at lower speeds.

Q. How to maintain this gearmotor?

A. Regular lubrication and visual inspections are necessary to identify and address any damage, leaks or loose components. Also, keeping the gearmotor clean from debris ensures optimal operation and monitoring & maintaining suitable operating temperatures is vital to prevent overheating.

Product Variants

ProductModelShaft Dia.Length Less ShaftFinishGear Case MaterialGear RatioHousingInput HPKeyway SizePrice
NORD SK573.1-80LP/4 60.97 AC Gearmotor 28 rpm TEFC 60.97 Inline | AH9CFK 39RK79
SK573.1-80LP/4 60.971.375"17 31/32"UnpaintedDie Cast Aluminum60.9:1Die Cast Aluminum Alloy15/16" x 5/32" x 2-1/8"A$2,584.54
NORD SK772.1-112MP/4 26.86 AC Gearmotor 65rpm TEFC 26.86 Inline 5HP | AH9CFN 39RK82
SK772.1-112MP/4 26.861.625"22 37/64"Stainless Steel PaintCast Iron26.8:1Cast Iron53/8" x 3/16" x 2-1/4"A$4,584.32
NORD SK773.1-100LP/4 57.64 AC Gearmotor 31rpm TEFC 57.64 Inline 3HP | AH9CFP 39RK83
SK773.1-100LP/4 57.641.625"20 45/64"Stainless Steel PaintCast Iron57.6:1Cast Iron33/8" x 3/16" x 2-1/4"A$5,786.15
NORD SK573.1-80LP/4 60.97 1.25 AC Gearmotor 28 rpm TEFC Inline 1 HP | AH9CFR 39RK85
SK573.1-80LP/4 60.97 1.251.25"17 31/32"UnpaintedDie Cast Aluminum Alloy60.9:1Die Cast Aluminum Alloy15/16" x 5/32" x 2-1/8"A$2,741.18
NORD SK572.1-100LP/4 19.57 AC Gearmotor 90 rpm TEFC 19.57 Inline | AH9CFT 39RK86
SK572.1-100LP/4 19.571.375"20 49/64"UnpaintedDie Cast Aluminum Alloy19.5:1Die Cast Aluminum Alloy35/16" x 5/32" x 2-1/8"A$4,041.64
NORD SK372.1-80LP/4 33.84 AC Gearmotor 51rpm TEFC 33.84 Inline 1HP | AH9CFU 39RK87
SK372.1-80LP/4 33.841"16 29/32"UnpaintedDie Cast Aluminum Alloy33.8:1Die Cast Aluminum Alloy11/4" x 1/8" x 1-1/4"A$2,343.68
NORD SK572.1-100LP/4 13.67 AC Gearmotor 130 rpm TEFC 13.67 Inline | AH9CFX 39RK90
SK572.1-100LP/4 13.671.375"20 49/64"UnpaintedDie Cast Aluminum Alloy13.6:1Die Cast Aluminum Alloy35/16" x 5/32" x 2-1/8"A$4,196.57

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NORD SK572.1-112MP/4 19.57 AC Gearmotor 90 rpm TEFC 19.57 Inline 5HP
A$4,236.61 /unit (inc. GST)