DECADE PRODUCTS C40SGY3-DDL Bulk Container 25-3/4 Inch Height | AH9DXK 39UV20

DECADE PRODUCTS C40SGY3-DDL Bulk Container 25-3/4 Inch Height

Item: AH9DXK Model: C40SGY3-DDLCross Ref: 39UV20
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A$936.23 /unit (inc. GST)
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Product Specifications:

ItemBulk Container
FinishHDPE and Structural Foam
Inside Height25.75"
Inside Length45"
Inside Width36.75"
Load Capacity1500 lb.
MaterialHigh Density Polyethylene
Outside Height31"
Outside Length48"
Outside Width40"
Volume Capacity25.4 cu. ft.

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 41.4
Ship height (cm)78.74
Ship length (cm)121.92
Ship width (cm)101.6
Country of OriginUS

Product Details:

  • Fork Entry : 4-Way Entry

Product Variants

ProductModelColorInside HeightInside LengthInside WidthLoad CapacityOutside HeightOutside WidthPrice
DECADE PRODUCTS M40PGY3 Bulk Container Gray 36-3/4 Inch Width | AH9DXF 39UV16
M40PGY3Gray25.75"45"36.75"1500 lb.31"40"A$601.92
DECADE PRODUCTS M40SBL3 Bulk Container 36-3/4 Inch Width | AH9DXG 39UV17
M40SBL3Blue25.75"45"36.75"1500 lb.31"40"A$803.42
DECADE PRODUCTS M40PGY2 Bulk Container Gray 45 Inch Length | AH9DXH 39UV18
M40PGY2Gray25.75"45"36.75"1500 lb.31"40"A$588.37
DECADE PRODUCTS M40SYL3 Bulk Container Yellow 36-3/4 Inch Width | AH9DXJ 39UV19
M40SYL3Yellow25.75"45"36.75"1500 lb.31"40"A$803.42
DECADE PRODUCTS M48PGY6 Bulk Container Gray 44-3/4 Inch Width | AH9DXL 39UV21
M48PGY6Gray24"44.75"44.75"1500 lb.28"48"A$573.83
DECADE PRODUCTS C40SBL3-H46 Bulk Container Blue 40-3/4 Inch Height | AH9DXM 39UV22
C40SBL3-H46Blue40.75"45"36.75"1500 lb.46"40"A$1,588.47
DECADE PRODUCTS M40SRD3 Bulk Container Red 36-3/4 Inch Width | AH9DXN 39UV23
M40SRD3Red25.75"45"36.75"1500 lb.31"40"A$803.42

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DECADE PRODUCTS C40SGY3-DDL Bulk Container 25-3/4 Inch Height
A$936.23 /unit (inc. GST)