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CONTINENTAL CTD8M-720-21 Sync Drive Gearbelt CTD 90 Teeth 21mm Width | AH9CAC 39GC64

CONTINENTAL CTD8M-720-21 Sync Drive Gearbelt CTD 90 Teeth 21mm Width

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Item: AH9CAC Model: CTD8M-720-21Cross Ref: 39GC64
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A$194.57 /unit (inc. GST)
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Product Specifications:

ItemSynchronous Drive Gearbelt
Gearbelt TypeCTD
Industry NumberCTD8M-720-21
Number of Teeth90
Pitch Length720mm

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 0.05
Ship height (cm)3.81
Ship length (cm)28.19
Ship width (cm)28.7
Country of OriginDE

Product Variants

ProductModelIndustry NumberNumber of TeethPitch LengthPrice
CONTINENTAL CTD8M-3200-21 Sync Drive Gearbelt CTD 400 Teeth 21mm Width | AH9BZA 39GC13
CONTINENTAL CTD8M-1000-21 Sync Drive Gearbelt CTD 125 Teeth 21mm Width | AH9BZH 39GC29
CONTINENTAL CTD8M-2400-21 Sync Drive Gearbelt CTD 300 Teeth 21mm Width | AH9BZL 39GC39
CONTINENTAL CTD8M-2520-21 Sync Drive Gearbelt CTD 315 Teeth 21mm Width | AH9BZP 39GC42
CONTINENTAL CTD8M-1440-21 Sync Drive Gearbelt CTD 180 Teeth 21mm Width | AH9BZY 39GC57
CONTINENTAL CTD8M-1792-21 Sync Drive Gearbelt CTD 224 Teeth 21mm Width | AH9BZZ 39GC59
CONTINENTAL CTD8M-2000-21 Sync Drive Gearbelt CTD 250 Teeth 21mm Width | AH9CAB 39GC62

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CONTINENTAL CTD8M-720-21 Sync Drive Gearbelt CTD 90 Teeth 21mm Width
A$194.57 /unit (inc. GST)