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Adapter Mounting

Adapter Mounting

Item: AD9CYA
Model: 11327-A
452.10 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Disposal Guard Rubber Black 1/2 Inch
Item: AH3GLJ
Model: 59-1450
5.76 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Disposer Waste 1/2 Hp

Disposer Waste 1/2 Hp

Item: AE4ABD
Model: BADGER 5
358.78 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Division Garbage Disposal, 1/3 Hp, 1 1/2 Inch Connection Drain, 120 Volt, Residential
Item: CR4QCY
Model: FWD1
222.24 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Flexible Discharge Tube 1 1/2 In
Item: AB4CLA
Model: FDT-00
39.69 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Garbage Disposal Badger 1 1/3 HP
Item: AH3DMB
280.19 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Garbage Disposal, 1 hp, 1 1/2 Inch Connection Drain, 208-230/460 Volt
Item: CR4QDB
Model: SS100-47
4,420.00 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Grill Guard For Smoking Receptacle
Item: AD2WUC
Model: 26206
70.33 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Mounting Gasket, Rubber, Chrome Plated
Item: AC8UFK
Model: 11599E
468.51 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Quick Lock Mount Stainless Steel
Item: AB4CKX
Model: QLM-00
44.95 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Sink Flange Polished Stainless Steel
Item: AB4CKZ
Model: FLG-SS
44.97 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Waste Disposer Commercial 3 Hp
Item: AC8UFJ
Model: SS-300
9,434.63 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Waste Disposers

Ranging from food waste disposers to compact waste disposers, Raptor Supplies has a multitude of diverse waster disposers to meet your every need. An easy and efficient way to maintain hygiene and cleanliness, these waste disposers are essential for every building and workplace. Count on a range of accessories such as gaskets, connectors for dishwashers and air actuated switches. Buy cleanliness in one step.

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