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Bolt Termination Kit, 3/8-16 Size, 3/32 Inch Dia., 120 Inch Wire Length
Item: CH7FJE
Model: BKB38-094-120K
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Bolt Termination Kit, M10 Size, 3/32 Inch Dia., 80 Inch Wire Length
Item: CH7FKD
Model: BKBM10-094-80K
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Bolt Termination, M10 Size, 3/32 Inch Dia., 120 Inch Wire Length
Item: CH7FJR
Model: BKBM10-094-120
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Cable Retaining Post, Stringer Mounting Bracket, Black Powder Coat
Item: CH7RBG
Model: SB12608FB
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Cable Runway Isolation Kit, Steel
Item: CH6WME
Model: SB2502B
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Drop In, Hollow Base, Zinc Plated, 3/8 Inch Size
Item: CH7KQA
Model: ADH-37
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End Cap, With Hub

End Cap, With Hub

Item: CF4ZMN
Model: A809-1
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Entrance End Fitting 4000 Series IV
Item: AD9MCW
Model: V4010DFO
121.42 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Offset Duplex Cover Plate, Aluminum, Gray
Item: CV3TZP
Model: AL3346Do
102.28 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Raceway Elbow Internal
Item: AD3DFV
Model: 317
4.97 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Raceway Outside Corner
Item: AE7QJM
Model: T70OCIW
57.44 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Radiused Internal Elbow Fitting, 2300, Plastic, Ivory
Item: CV3UCL
Model: 2317DFO
12.80 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Raceways and Accessories

Cable Raceways are cable trays that protect and manage your cables and wirings. Loose wiring or hanging cables can be a hazard for the factory workers. Not only this, but they are also bad for the cables themselves. Cable raceways help the contractors in managing and setting up even the most complicated wiring design. Shop at Raptor Supplies for high quality cable raceways and trays.

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