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Bit Holder 1/4 Inch 2.28 Inch Length With Cover F
Item: AE6PBG
Model: UG-M-825
325.89 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Bit Holder, 1/2 Inch Bit Size
Item: CD8FDK
Model: LS/30150
9.41 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Hex Drive Nutsetter 7/16
Item: CN8MDJ
Model: M6N-0814-2
99.18 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Impact Power Bit, Assorted, 4 Pack
Item: CE4XHF
Model: 32795
29.33 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Insert Bit, PH1 Tip Size, 2 Inch Bit Length, 1/4 Inch Hex Shank Size, Pack Of 2
Item: CN2RLD
Model: IWAF32PH12
6.49 /pack (ex. VAT)
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Phillips Power Bit No 2 3 Inch 5 Pk
Item: AD3QBD
Model: PH235
24.27 /pack (ex. VAT)
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Screwdriver Bit 4mm Hex 7/16 Shank PK5
Item: AG9WAL
Model: SZ-7-4MM-5PK
124.70 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Screwdriver Bit Bit Holder 1/4 Inch
Item: AG9VVN
Model: 858PT-1PK
35.11 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Slotted Power Bit 5 Pk
Item: AD3QBP
Model: SL101225
23.03 /pack (ex. VAT)
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Socket Extension

Socket Extension

Item: CN8LXE
Model: EX-255-8
230.38 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Torq-set Insert Bit 1/41 - Pack Of 5
Item: AE6ELR
Model: 212-1/4-5PK
104.21 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Torq-set Power Bit #8 2.75 - Pack Of 5
Item: AE6NZV
Model: 273B-8-5PK
285.85 /unit (ex. VAT)
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Fastening Tool Accessories

Fastening tool accessories enhance the functionality and versatility of fastening tools. These accessories include a wide range of items designed to complement and optimise the performance of fastening tools, such as drills, impact drivers, drill bits, screwdriver bits, driver sockets, extensions, adapters and bit holders. These accessories provide options for different types and sizes of fasteners, allowing for precise and efficient fastening in various applications. They enable users to tackle different materials, handle different screw types and reach tight or hard-to-access areas.

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