The rugged thermodynamic steam traps from Nicholson have stainless steel construction that resists both internal and external corrosion. They are used in unit heaters, blast coils and heat exchangers for removing condensate and non condensable gases.


Steam Traps

Nicholson steam traps are designed to control steam & condensate movement, and maximise the removal of latent heat from steam for efficient operation. These compact traps feature stainless steel internal components that can handle water hammer, superheat and operating pressure up to 600 psig. The audible discharge makes it easy to check operation. These traps can be installed in any position and are suitable for kettles, steam main drips & steam tracing.

StyleModel(F)NPT Connections (In.)NPT InletNPT OutletPrice (inc. GST)
A1 FTE-65---A$ 1352.52
B1/2 NFT250-250---A$ 1652.71
AFTN-C1F9A---A$ 1079.21
A1 FTE-145---A$ 1289.84
CTA500-T4D92A0---A$ 1127.61
DN450-S4D92A0---A$ 1260.86
A1/2 FTE-145---A$ 1070.30
AFTN-C4H9A---A$ 2469.59
B3/4 NFT250-50---A$ 1815.46
B1 NFT250-50---A$ 2392.08
B1/2 NFT250-100---A$ 1677.96
B1/2 NFT250-20---A$ 1652.57
A3/4 FTE-145---A$ 1315.75
B1 NFT250-100---A$ 2392.08
AFTN-C2G9A---A$ 1394.91
AFTN-C1G9A---A$ 1352.16
ADUA-SXE9A---A$ 2266.40
ADUA-SXC9A---A$ 1251.58
A1/2 FTE-65---A$ 1059.17
AFTN-C2H9A---A$ 2362.16
A1/2 FTE-200---A$ 1096.88
AFTN-C2D9A---A$ 816.90
AFTN-C4E9A---A$ 1064.69
B1 NFT250-150---A$ 2440.26
AFTN-C2H9A-FTN 2" NPT CI 30PSI---A$ 2362.16

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