PAPR And Supplied Air Hoods And Helmets

Cementex USA -

Cooling Systems

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
ACP4B-CS-BELTA$ 1405.44
ACP4B-CS-FANA$ 704.00
ACP4B-CS-HOODA$ 1173.76
ACP-HVSM-4BA$ 791.04
3M -

Versaflo M-400 Series Respiratory Helmets

StyleModelItemLens MaterialTypePrice (inc. GST)
AM-401Helmet less Visor and Shroud-N/AA$ 2563.42
BM-407Helmet with Premium Visor and Flame Resistant ShroudCoated PolycarbonatePremiumA$ 3925.89
CM-405Helmet with Std Visor and Std ShroudPolycarbonateStandardA$ 3207.94

Head Cover

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
AS-4001-3A$ 428.42
AS-4001-10A$ 1428.00
AS-4001-25A$ 3571.21
3M -

Versaflo M-300 Series Respiratory Hardhats

StyleModelItemLens MaterialTypePrice (inc. GST)
AM-301Hard Hat less Visor and Faceseal-N/AA$ 2257.89
BM-307Hard Hat with Premium Visor and Flame Resistamt FacesealCoated PolycarbonatePremiumA$ 2759.30
CM-305Hard Hat with Std Visor and Std FacesealPolycarbonateStandardA$ 2683.52

Tychem SL Double Bib Saranex-coated Hoods

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A10095745A$ 7873.22
B10083382A$ 1890.02

Tychem QC Double Bib Polyethylene-Coated Hoods

StyleModelColorPrice (inc. GST)
A10095743WhiteA$ 4849.22
B10083330YellowA$ 1306.82
3M -

S103 Head Covers

3M S103 Versaflow head covers are protective gears that provide integration between the head cover and the respiratory system for offering optimal protection in cleanrooms, laboratories, manufacturing facilities and other environments where contamination control and hygiene are critical.

StyleModelSizePrice (inc. GST)
AS-103L-20M/LA$ 3297.92
BS-103S-20S/MA$ 3297.92
3M -


3M hoods are designed to provide users with an optimal level of comfort. These hoods have easily adjustable suspensions and soft comfort pads for excellent fit, stability and tracking. These hoods feature wide face seals with soft elastic for improved comfort & reduced airflow noise and provide an excellent field of view with reduced curvature for decreased reflections & glare. They are provided with the innovative 3M Quick Release Swivel (QRS) connection which allows the breathing tube to be quickly removed with only one hand by squeezing the breathing tube clips. These NIOSH-approved versatile respirators can be used with multiple air-purifying respirators. Choose from a wide range of hoods in S, M, L and other standard sizes on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelColorItemLens MaterialMaterialSizeSuspensionPrice (inc. GST)
AS-855GrayHoodAcetateKappler(R) Zytron(R) 200UniversalPremium ReuseableA$ 850.85
BS-807-5GrayHoodPETGKappler(R) Zytron(R) 200 with Sealed SeamsUniversalNoneA$ 3274.94
CS-805-5GrayHoodPETGKappler(R) Zytron(R) 200UniversalNoneA$ 2835.78
DS-857GrayHoodAcetateKappler(R) Zytron(R) 200 with Sealed SeamsUniversalPremium ReuseableA$ 974.88
EBE-10BROliveHood-Butyl RubberUniversal-A$ 3547.62
FS-403L-20WhiteHoodPETGPolypropyleneM/LIntegratedA$ 3874.66
GS-605-10WhiteHood with Inner CollarPETGPolypropyleneUniversalNoneA$ 1616.42
HS-433S-5WhiteHoodPETGPolypropyleneS/MIntegratedA$ 1682.37
IS-433L-5WhiteHoodPETGPolypropyleneM/LIntegratedA$ 1682.37
JS-757WhiteDouble Bib Painter's HoodPETGSpecial Coated PolypropyleneUniversalPremium ReuseableA$ 550.78
KS-403S-20WhiteHoodPETGPolypropyleneS/MFabricA$ 4120.80
LS-655WhiteHoodPETGPolypropyleneUniversalPremium ReuseableA$ 511.62
MS-533SWhiteHoodPolycarbonatePolyurethane Coated Knitted PolyamideS/MIntegratedA$ 449.06
MS-533LWhiteHoodPolycarbonatePolyurethane Coated Knitted PolyamideM/LIntegratedA$ 512.54
NH-612WhiteHood-Tychem(R) SLUniversal-A$ 1574.43
NH-610-5WhiteHood-Tychem(R) SLUniversal-A$ 2766.75
OS-707-10WhitePainter's HoodPETGSpecial Coated PolypropyleneUniversalNoneA$ 2212.13

Primair 100 Series Head Covers

Honeywell Primair 100 Series headcovers are used to cover the head and neck area, offering protection against particles, splashes and potential impacts in healthcare, manufacturing, chemical handling and agriculture industries. They come equipped with triple adjustment headgear made of polypropylene for a comfortable fit. These headcovers feature hoods made of spun bond polypropylene / coated spun bond polypropylene for water, UV and flame resistance while maintaining a lightweight feel for comfortable wear. They are further equipped with a co-polyester visor for clear visibility while protecting the face from potential hazards.

StyleModelSizePrice (inc. GST)
APA102MMA$ 924.00
BPA101MM/LA$ 172.10
BPA101SSA$ 172.10
APA102SSA$ 936.01
CPA131UniversalA$ 466.82

Primair 100 Series Bib Hoods

Honeywell Primair 100 Series bib hoods are ideal for applications requiring full head and shoulder coverage. These units feature a Tychem hood with multiple barrier layers that offer protection against exposed biological and chemical hazards. The hood is attached to a bib with an assigned protection factor (APF) of 1000 that reduces inhalation of contaminants and also provide a cooling effect due to the airflow inside the assembly. They include an adjustable headgear for a comfortable fit and a manifold which lets pass air over the lens to reduce fogging during crucial operations.

StyleModelMaterialPrice (inc. GST)
APA111Tychem(R) QCA$ 245.64
BPA112Tychem(R) QCA$ 460.79
APA121Tychem(R) SLA$ 288.83
3M -

Double Bib Hood

StyleModelSuspensionPrice (inc. GST)
AS-607-10NoneA$ 1964.19
BS-657Premium ReuseableA$ 535.07


StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
ASR 580A$ 1645.21
BSR 584/SR 580A$ 2174.39
CR06-0801A$ 1857.61


StyleModelSizePrice (inc. GST)
A968007LA$ 2098.81
A968006MA$ 2098.81
A968005SA$ 2098.81

Double Bib Hood

StyleModelMaterialPrice (inc. GST)
A20TICNTychem(R) QCA$ 128.42
BRT1Tychem(R) QCA$ 170.65
C20SICNTychem(R) SLA$ 1321.22

Powered Air Purifying Respirator Hood

StyleModelSizePrice (inc. GST)
ASR 520M/LA$ 396.61
BSR 520S/MA$ 396.61
CSR 530UniversalA$ 455.39


StyleModelClosure TypeCollar TypeHeightMaterialSeam StyleWidthPrice (inc. GST)
A8002-Elastic Face9.1"Microporous FabricSerged8.3"A$ 247.77
BCE11063CIS-Tunnelized Elastic Face13.4"Proprietary Laminated NonwovenBound8.3"A$ 712.19
C2229------A$ 306.86
C2229------A$ 339.53
C2229------A$ 317.70
C2229------A$ 309.58
C2229------A$ 292.51
C2229------A$ 298.69
D2225------A$ 303.36
BCE11063CIS------A$ 1206.81
ECE8063CIElasticTunnelized elastic wrist16.14"Microporous FabricSerged7.08"A$ 338.85
FW2561Hook and Loop-15.75"Proprietary Laminated NonwovenTaped11.81"A$ 852.83
3M -

Comfort Outer Shroud

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
M-446AA3UXMA$ 309.76

Hood Universal Olive Butyl Coated Nylon

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
S-2001AJ2JMEA$ 1497.60

Hood Aluminized Carbon Kevlar(R)

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
AC11 489AH4KNZA$ 157.56
3M -

Respiratory Hood Assembly Standard White

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
H-422AF3UUBA$ 826.11
3M -

Headcover With Integrated Head Suspension, White, Medium/Large, 5 Pk

ModelItemPrice (inc. GST)
S-133L-5AF2ALTA$ 1118.43

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