Electric Unit Heaters


Heaters are necessary for maintaining the ambient temperature in cold environments. They can be powered by electricity, natural gas or liquid propane. Use of electric current for powering the heaters... Read More


IBC Series Intermediate Bulk Container Heaters

Vestil intermediate bulk container heaters are used in pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and food industries for heating viscous liquids. These heaters are integrated with an adjustable thermometer and a built-in maximum temperature reset mechanism for precise heat allocation. They feature silicone construction for excellent UV stability and to withstand temperatures ranging from 50 to 160 degrees F.

StyleModelHeightWidthPrice (inc. GST)
AIBC-HEAT-27542"42"A$ 7598.37
BIBC-HEAT-33048"48"A$ 8181.50

Electric Heaters


Hazardous Location Heaters

StyleModelPrice (inc. GST)
A71550A$ 2010.88
A71551A$ 2572.80

Electric Unit Heaters

What are Dayton electric heaters?
Dayton electric unit heaters are typically used in areas with high ceilings and are able to heat large volume areas without the need for extensive duct systems. Dayton electric heaters have an energy efficient fan coil design to offer a maximum airflow of 3400 cfm and are ideal for continuous or intermittent use in factories, warehouses, stock rooms and service stations. These unit heaters feature an excellent pull through airflow design for even air distribution & cooler element operation and an automatic reset linear thermal protector to disconnect the heater when the normal operating temperature gets exceeded. Dayton electric heaters have totally enclosed motors with die formed, heavy gauge steel housing to withstand harsh industrial environments. They are equipped with aluminium finned, copper clad steel sheath heating element for efficient operation. Choose from a wide variety of these Dayton electric heaters, available in a maximum heating capacity of 85250 BTUh, on Raptor Supplies.

StyleModelPhaseAir FlowAmps ACTemp. RiseVoltageWidthBtuHDepthPrice (inc. GST)
A2YU601350 cfm11.027 Degrees F27714"10,2008.5"A$ 1737.82
A2YU641350 cfm18.045 Degrees F27714"17,0008.5"A$ 1769.86
A2YU681 or 3650 cfm36.037 Degrees F20819"25,6008.5"A$ 2058.85
A2YU7932100/1800 cfm84.045 to 53 Degrees F20826.62"102,30013.75"A$ 6812.23
A3END433000/2600 cfm48.042 to 49 Degrees F48026.62"136,40018.125"A$ 12346.97
B4TDH733400 cfm72.360 Degrees F48030.5"204,70014.5"A$ 18186.89
C4TDH935000 cfm96.355 Degrees F48037.5"273,00018.5"A$ 22159.32
A2YU723910 cfm31.3/36.152 Degrees F208/24019"38,200/51,20013.75"A$ 3651.65
A2YU7531320 cfm41.2/48.048 Degrees F208/24019"51,200/68,20013.75"A$ 7249.07
A2YU7631320 cfm24.048 Degrees F48019"68,20013.75"A$ 6317.04
A2YU7732100/1800 cfm63.0/72.345 to 53 Degrees F208/24026.62"77,000/102,0013.75"A$ 6534.95
A2YU7832100/1800 cfm36.045 to 53 Degrees F48026.62"102,30013.75"A$ 9946.24
StyleModelTemp. RiseAir FlowAmps ACVoltageWidthBtuHDepthHeightPrice (inc. GST)
AMUH036127 Degrees F350 cfm2.960014"10,2397.5"16"A$ 2708.73
AMUH037127 Degrees F350 cfm11.027714"10,2397.5"16"A$ 2180.77
AMUH07337 Degrees F650 cfm21.634719"25,5987.625"21.75"A$ 3428.92
AMUH07737 Degrees F650 cfm27.027719"25,5987.625"21.75"A$ 3626.22
AMUH07637 Degrees F650 cfm7.360019"25,5987.625"21.75"A$ 3827.30
AMUH25644 Degrees F2100 cfm24.260026.62"85,32511.75"30"A$ 9847.02
AMUH25444 Degrees F2100 cfm30.048026.62"85,32511.75"30"A$ 10779.08
AMUH25244 Degrees F/38 Degrees F2100 cfm52.0/60.0208/24026.62"63,823/85,32511.75"30"A$ 10590.16
AMUH056145 Degrees F350 cfm4.860014"17,0657.5"16"A$ 3222.71
AMUH057145 Degrees F350 cfm18.027714"17,0657.5"16"A$ 2272.45
AMUH20248 Degrees F1320 cfm48.0/41.2208/24019"51,195/68,26012.75"21.75"A$ 9236.19
AMUH20648 Degrees F1320 cfm19.360019"68,26012.75"21.75"A$ 8479.04
AMUH20848 Degrees F1320 cfm56.020819"68,26012.75"21.75"A$ 9472.23
AMUH20448 Degrees F1320 cfm24.048019"68,26012.75"21.75"A$ 7896.28
AMUH40649 Degrees3000 cfm38.760026.62"136,52017.125"30"A$ 12981.61
AMUH40449 Degrees3000 cfm48.048026.62"136,52017.125"30"A$ 16330.14
AMUH40249 Degrees /42 Degrees F3000 cfm96.4/83.4208/24026.62"102,390/136,52017.125"30"A$ 13490.40
AMUH10649 Degrees F650 cfm9.760019"34,1307.625"21.75"A$ 4135.87
AMUH10749 Degrees F650 cfm36.027719"34,1307.625"21.75"A$ 3850.84
AMUH15652 Degrees F910 cfm14.560019"51,19512.75"21.75"A$ 6539.41
AMUH30453 Degrees F2100 cfm36.048026.62"102,39011.75"30"A$ 12809.96
AMUH30653 Degrees F2100 cfm29.060026.62"102,39011.75"30"A$ 11824.63
AMUH50861 Degrees F3000 cfm139.020826.62"170,65017.125"30"A$ 19219.49
AMUH50661 Degrees F3000 cfm48.360026.62"170,65017.125"30"A$ 16260.00
AMUH50461 Degrees F3000 cfm60.248026.62"170,65017.125"30"A$ 19958.95
StyleModelTemp. RiseAir FlowAmps ACVoltageWidthBtuHDepthHeightPrice (inc. GST)
AMUH032127 Degrees F350 cfm11.0/12.5208/24014"7500/10,2007.5"16"A$ 1643.36
AMUH034127 Degrees F350 cfm3.648014"10,2007.5"16"A$ 2198.61
AMUH038127 Degrees F350 cfm14.520814"10,2007.5"16"A$ 1643.36
AMUH07237 Degrees F650 cfm31.3/27.0208/24019"19,100/25,6007.5"21.75"A$ 2618.55
AMUH07437 Degrees F650 cfm9.048019"25,6007.5"21.75"A$ 3533.64
AMUH07837 Degrees F650 cfm36.1/20.820819"25,6007.5"21.75"A$ 2573.56
AMUH052145 Degrees F350 cfm17.8/20.8208/24014"12,600/17,0007.5"16"A$ 1893.45
AMUH054145 Degrees F350 cfm6.048014"17,0007.5"16"A$ 2506.53
AMUH058145 Degrees F350 cfm24.0/13.920814"17,0007.5"16"A$ 1852.91
AMUH10249 Degrees F650 cfm36.0/42.0208/24019"25,600/34,1007.5"21.75"A$ 2861.43
AMUH10449 Degrees F650 cfm12.048019"34,1207.5"21.75"A$ 3148.57
AMUH10849 Degrees F650 cfm48.1/27.820819"34,1207.5"21.75"A$ 2989.07
AMUH15452 Degrees F910 cfm18.048019"51,18012.75"21.75"A$ 5146.72
AMUH15852 Degrees F910 cfm72.0/41.620819"51,18012.75"21.75"A$ 4564.56
AMUH15252 Degrees F910 cfm31.3/36.1208/24019"38,200/51,20012.75"21.75"A$ 4700.12

Heavy-Duty Electric Unit Heaters

StyleModelkWAir FlowAmps ACPhaseTemp. RiseVoltageWidthBtuHPrice (inc. GST)
A2YU582.2/3.0350 cfm11.0/12.5127 Degrees F208/24014"7500/10,200A$ 1382.70
A2YU613.0350 cfm14.5127 Degrees F20814"10,200A$ 1373.66
B2YU623.7/5.0350 cfm18.0/21.01, 345 Degrees F208/240V AC14"12,600/17,000A$ 1514.77
A2YU635.0350 cfm6.0345 Degrees F48014"17,000A$ 1947.37
A2YU665.6/7.5650 cfm27.0/31.31 or 337 Degrees F208/24019"19,100/25,600A$ 2058.85
A2YU677.5650 cfm9.0337 Degrees F48019"25,600A$ 2535.37
A2YU697.5/10.0650 cfm36.0/42.01 or 349 Degrees F208/24019"25,600/34,100A$ 2289.14
A2YU7010.0650 cfm12.0349 Degrees F48019"34,100A$ 2518.85
A2YU7110.0650 cfm48.0/24.01 or 349 Degrees F20819"34,100A$ 2322.28
A2YU7315.0910 cfm18.0352 Degrees F48019"51,200A$ 4078.62
A2YU7415.0910 cfm72.01 or 352 Degrees F20819"51,200A$ 3651.65

Electric Unit Heaters

Electric unit heaters are suitable for providing primary / supplementary heating in exposed areas like warehouses and factories. They are wall- or ceiling-mounted for use in downflow or horizontal heating applications and saving limited floor working spaces. These industrial unit heaters feature a forced air system to heat the air by using a heating element and a fan. They come with adjustable air outlet louvers to direct the airflow in the desired direction. These heaters have a one-piece, portable design for easy operation in remote locations & outdoor areas.
Dayton unit heaters can heat up large spaces continuously or intermittently. They are equipped with an aluminium-finned, copper-clad steel sheath heating element for excellent heat conductivity and a heavy-duty totally enclosed motor that accepts single- / three-phase power supply. The motors drive a fan with large dynamically balanced blades for channeling the heat through the unit's Venturi outlet to a desired location. The fan gets its air supply through the back side of the unit having an advanced inlet louver design for drawing cool air over the heating element. Dayton heaters also have numerous safety features like an automatic reset linear thermal protector that disconnects the unit in case of overheating.
QMark electric unit heaters have 18- / 20-gauge steel construction with a powder coated or polyester powder-coated finish for structural rigidity & abrasion resistance. Selected models of these QMark unit heaters are integrated with a 2-speed fan selector switch and a fan-only switch that helps control the air movement speed with or without the heat.


Electric unit heaters are ideal for heating large areas like factories, warehouses and garages. They are ideal for locations where central heating is not possible. However, selected models can also fit into tight spaces and ducts.


  • Electric unit heaters are used to heat up warehouses, stock rooms, service stations, factories and large exposed areas.
  • They can be suspended from walls or ceilings for reducing wastage of floor space.
  • These unit heaters use a forced air heating system containing a heating element and a fan.
  • The linear thermal protector with an automatic reset feature prevents overheating.
  • They are further integrated with adjustable louvres for controlling the directional flow of heat.
  • These unit heaters have powder-coated steel housing and an enclosed electric motor for protection against harsh industrial environments & contaminants.

Vestil IBC Series intermediate bulk container heaters

  • These adjustable wrap-around tote tank heaters are used in pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and food industries for heating containers having viscous liquids.
  • They are equipped with simple modifiable straps to apply & adjust the heater easily to an existing unit.
  • These heaters are integrated with an adjustable thermometer and a built-in maximum temperature reset mechanism for allocating desired heat precisely and ensuring durability.
  • They have silicone impregnated cloth construction for excellent UV stability and to withstand temperatures ranging from 50 to 160 degrees F.

Airmaster Fan electric unit heaters

  • They have a portable, one-piece structure for easily fitting into compact spaces.
  • These Airmaster heaters are integrated with a built-in thermostat having two / three comfort heat selections for precise temperature rise.
  • They also have safety features like overheat & tip-over shut-off control and a power on indicator lamp for safe operation.
  • We also supply electric salamander heaters that have a drum type body structure with wheels for portable heating at the desired location.
  • These salamander heaters further feature finned tubular heating elements and safety screens on both the air intake and output opening enclosures.

Working Mechanism

  • After purchasing an electric unit heater with the desired airflow rating, heat & power specifications, the unit is installed on the walls or ceiling near a power source using mounting brackets.
  • Switch on the power to start the heater. Toggle the fan delay switch (available in selected models) if you want to eliminate cold drafts by letting the unit heat up first.
  • Now, the unit starts supplying heated air horizontally or with a downflow.
  • The speed of the unit can be controlled using a mechanical dial and the temperature rise / heating can be adjusted using a thermostat that is available in some electric unit heaters.

Standards and Approvals

Dayton & Airmaster Fan electric unit heaters are UL- & cUL-listed whereas the QMark heaters are UL, NEC & OSHA certified for user safety and delivering optimum performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do in case of electric unit heater failure?

Assuming that the selected unit heater is the correct choice for the desired heating capacity & airflow, the first thing to check is the wiring connection & the status of fuse. Users should also clean dirt or dust accumulated on the motor, causing heating up of the motor. Motors should also be lubricated regularly for smooth operation.

What accessories are compatible with these electric unit heaters?

Raptor Supplies can deliver a wide range of accessories that fit into the electric unit heaters for ease-of-use. Thermostats are used to control the temperature of the heater either digitally or through a mechanical dial. Internal fan switch allows users to switch on only the fan during summer months. Universal wall and ceiling mounting bracket kits are used to attach these unit heaters to walls or ceiling without taking up the floor space.

What is the difference between different variants of electric heaters?

Electric heaters come in various types such as electric baseboard heaters, electric fan coil heaters, heating cables and portable electric heaters. The electric baseboard heaters install along the base of the wall to supplement the central heating system or warm a small room by itself. Electric heating cables heat up pipes, roof, and gutter systems. They are also installed under the flooring for heating the floors. The electric fan coil heaters or plenum heaters are used for heating concealed places like drop ceilings or plenum spaces. The portable electric models can be moved from one location to another using wheels or carts wherever extra heat is desired. They are also used as personal heating units in offices or receptions.

Does Raptor Supplies offer other variants of electric unit heaters?

Yes, Raptor Supplies offers various variants of electric unit heaters, namely electric baseboard heaters, electric fan coil heaters, heating cables and portable electric heaters.

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