WIDIA Carbide End Mills

Carbide End Mills(4186 Products)

WIDIA Turning Inserts

Turning Inserts(3411 Products)

WIDIA Jobber Length Drill Bits

Jobber Length Drill Bits(1726 Products)

WIDIA Milling Inserts

Milling Inserts(1517 Products)

WIDIA Drill Bits

Drill Bits(1342 Products)

WIDIA Indexable End Mills

Indexable End Mills(1026 Products)

WIDIA Cobalt End Mills

Cobalt End Mills(695 Products)

WIDIA Toolholders

Toolholders(574 Products)

WIDIA Indexable Toolholders

Indexable Toolholders(534 Products)

WIDIA Indexable Boring Bars

Indexable Boring Bars(308 Products)

WIDIA Carbide Drill Bits

Carbide Drill Bits(277 Products)

WIDIA Chucking Reamers

Chucking Reamers(111 Products)

WIDIA Cut-Off Blades

Cut-Off Blades(95 Products)

WIDIA Threading Tools

Threading Tools(77 Products)

WIDIA Boring Bars

Boring Bars(23 Products)

WIDIA Machine Chucks

Machine Chucks(13 Products)

WIDIA Collet Accessories

Collet Accessories(11 Products)

WIDIA Thread Mills

Thread Mills(7 Products)

WIDIA Carbide Bur Sets

Carbide Bur Sets(4 Products)

WIDIA Collets

Collets(1 Product)

WIDIA Drill Chucks

Drill Chucks(1 Product)

About Widia

Widia GTD is a product brand of WIDIA and has been manufacturing a wide range of tapping system products for more than 100 years. The Widia Products catalogue includes carbide burs, countersinks, taps and tap sets in different lengths and sizes. The company's countersinks are used to create deep holes in both metal and wood workpieces, and are available in different shapes and cutting capacities.
Widia GTD taps are manufactured according to both ANSI and DIN standards, and are used to create precise internal threads in woods, metals and plastics. These taps are available in hand, pipe, spiral point, machine straight, spiral flute and thread forming variants. Raptor Supplies offers a wide variety of Widia drill bits, taps and tap sets in both inch and metric dimensions.