About Tsi Alnor

TSI Alnor offers a wide range of test instruments & measurement solutions for the healthcare, research, manufacturing, HVAC and medical industries. Its extensive catalogue comprises aerosol & dust monitors, neutralisers, generators & dispensers, flow analysers, particle counters, filter testers, impactors and air quality meters. The brand's multi-function anemometers are designed for process airflow testing, ventilation evaluation, HVAC testing & balancing, and clean room testing. These ventilation meters feature an air velocity probe for accurately measuring air velocity, relative humidity & temperature and a large graphical display for viewing up to 5 measurements simultaneously. TSI Alnor air flow capture hoods are suitable for measuring supply & return flow and taking direct air volume readings at grills & diffusers for ventilation. These capture hoods feature a lightweight design for enabling single-person operation, with selected models featuring back pressure compensation for delivering accurate readings.