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Shelf System For AA7FYT AA7FYU AA7FYZ
Item: AA7FZC
Model: BMSA1S
A$118.73 /unit (inc. GST)
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Storage Buildings

  • Deck Box
  • Deck Box
  • Deck Box

Deck Box

Item (3)
Outdoor Screen Enclosure H 44 Inch 4panels
Item: AB4HGK
Model: FS4423
A$272.80 /unit (inc. GST)
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Storage Cabinets

About Suncast

Since 1984, Suncast Corporation has been providing high-quality wood and resin products suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its extensive catalogue comprises storage cabinets, patio furniture, fences, automatic-rewind hose reels, horizontal / vertical sheds, deck boxes, trash hideaways, slat wall systems and snow tools. Suncast storage cabinets feature multi-wall resin construction with metal-reinforced shelves capable of resisting scratches, rust, dents & bending under heavy loads. These cabinets have a fully adjustable shelving system to store a wide variety of tools and pad-lockable handles for keeping the tools out of harm's way.Suncast Hosemobile Series hose reel carts are designed to hold 5/8 inch vinyl leader or garden hoses of lengths up to 175 ft. The storage tray and Slide Trak hose guide of these carts allow storage of small watering accessories and easy winding / unwinding of hoses, respectively. Choose from a wide range of Suncast products on Raptor Supplies.