STANLEY Door Lever Locksets

Door Lever Locksets(366 Products)


Hinges(157 Products)

STANLEY Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers(45 Products)

STANLEY Exit Device Trims

Exit Device Trims(42 Products)

STANLEY Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt Locks(40 Products)


Hand Saws(36 Products)

STANLEY Exit Devices

Exit Devices(35 Products)

STANLEY Door Closers

Door Closers(33 Products)

STANLEY Key Blanks

Key Blanks(27 Products)


Chisels(24 Products)

STANLEY Hand Files and Rasps

Hand Files and Rasps(22 Products)

STANLEY Spring Hinges

Spring Hinges(15 Products)

STANLEY Staplers and Tackers

Staplers and Tackers(15 Products)

STANLEY Chalk Line Reels

Chalk Line Reels(12 Products)

STANLEY Piano Hinges

Piano Hinges(12 Products)


Parts(9 Products)

STANLEY Screwdriver Sets

Screwdriver Sets(9 Products)


Tools(9 Products)


Nail Sets(6 Products)

STANLEY Rivet Tools

Rivet Tools(6 Products)


Glue Guns(5 Products)


Sledges(5 Products)

STANLEY Socket Sets

Socket Sets(5 Products)

STANLEY Air Hammers

Air Hammers(4 Products)

STANLEY Door Hinges

Door Hinges(4 Products)

STANLEY Hand Held Punches

Hand Held Punches(4 Products)

STANLEY Hand Ratchets

Hand Ratchets(4 Products)

STANLEY Locking Pliers

Locking Pliers(4 Products)

STANLEY Center Punches

Center Punches(3 Products)

STANLEY Socket Adapters

Socket Adapters(3 Products)

STANLEY Solid Joint Pliers

Solid Joint Pliers(3 Products)

STANLEY Specialty Pliers

Specialty Pliers(3 Products)

STANLEY Hot Melt Adhesives

Hot Melt Adhesives(2 Products)

STANLEY Maintenance Set

Maintenance Set(2 Products)


Planers(2 Products)

STANLEY Plumb Bobs

Plumb Bobs(2 Products)

STANLEY Socket Bit Sets

Socket Bit Sets(2 Products)

STANLEY Socket Extensions

Socket Extensions(2 Products)


Totes(2 Products)

STANLEY Wood Drilling Bits

Wood Drilling Bits(2 Products)

STANLEY Air Disc Sanders

Air Disc Sanders(1 Product)

STANLEY Concealed Hinges

Concealed Hinges(1 Product)

STANLEY Cookware

Cookware(1 Product)

STANLEY Crimping Tool Kits

Crimping Tool Kits(1 Product)

STANLEY Cups and Mugs

Cups and Mugs(1 Product)


Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Stanley Tools part numbers cross-reference to various ABC Hammers, Klein, Westward & Proto products. So, if you're looking for a Stanley that is either obsolete or out of stock, chances are we have the equivalent item available.


Stanley Tools, such as hand saws, wrenches, pliers, etc, are suitable for courier shipment & air freight. They require simple packaging and are transported via courier shipment & air freight.

About Stanley

The Stanley Tools catalogue includes measuring tapes, utility knife blades, chisels, hammers, screwdrivers, hand saws, cutters, punches, wrenches, ratchets, pliers and clamps. These tools are used for automotive, woodworking, metalworking and cutting applications. Stanley hand saws are used for cutting wood, plastic, PVC and ABS piping. They are available in compass, coping, flush cut, jab, hack, keyhole and pull saw variants.

Major Trade Names

FATMAX Automatic Optical Levels

FATMAX Automatic Optical Levels

They have magnification of 32x and are intended for large site setting out & levelling. Precision optics ensure accurate measurement over long distances. These optical levels are sealed, feature dust & water resistance and can be used in any environment (have IP54 rating).

PowerLock Tape Rules

PowerLock Tape Rules

They feature Mylar coated blades, which provide less friction and long service life. These units are housed in a cast-metal case that is sturdy and suitable for heavy-duty use. They have a corrosion-resistant Tru-Zero end hook for precise measurements.

FATMAX Mini Flush Cut Pull Saws

FATMAX Mini Flush Cut Pull Saws

On the pull stroke, these blades deliver 23-point tooth geometry cuts quickly and cleanly. They are intended for trimming tenon or lap joints. The double-sided blade allows easy cutting from either side. They have a cushion grip handle that is ergonomically designed for comfort.

DYNAGRIP Linesman Pliers

DYNAGRIP Linesman Pliers

They have forged carbon steel jaws that have been fully heat-treated for maximum performance and durability. The induction-hardened cutting edges provide great cutting reliability. For improved efficiency & handling, these units include an ergonomically designed DYNAGRIP handle with finger guards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Stanley Tools offer screwdriver sets?

The 8-piece CushionGrip screwdriver sets provided by Stanley Tools are comfortable to use and long-lasting. Their magnetic black oxide tips provide a precise fit and grip on fasteners. Chrome-plated bars resist corrosion and have a smooth-domed end for fast spinning action.