RACO Electrical Box Covers

Electrical Box Covers(61 Products)

RACO Cable Support Grips

Cable Support Grips(30 Products)

RACO Reducing Bushings

Reducing Bushings(4 Products)

RACO Knockout Bushings

Knockout Bushings(3 Products)

RACO Clamping Tools

Clamping Tools(2 Products)

RACO Plate Casters

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RACO Brackets

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RACO Connector Tools

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RACO Locknuts

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RACO Plug Adapters

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RACO Sanitary Gaskets

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RACO Sealers

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RACO Sleeve Bearings

Sleeve Bearings(1 Product)

RACO Socket Bits

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RACO Tap Bolts

Tap Bolts(1 Product)

About Raco

Raco is a Hubbell Incorporated brand that manufactures a wide range of industrial- and commercial-grade electrical and electronic products. The Hubbell Raco catalogue offers a comprehensive line of high-quality conduit fittings, conduit reducing bushings & washers, cable connectors, electrical safety boxes and weatherproof box cover accessories. The brand's masonry boxes are designed for accommodating switches and other devices in a masonry wall. These UL-listed boxes feature welded steel construction ensuring high fabrication speed and large volume design, thereby providing additional work room within the box. With a maximum back knockout of 4-1/2 inches, these masonry boxes provide installation capacities up to 22.5 cu.inch. Choose from a wide range of these electrical boxes and conduit fittings along with ground rod accessories on Raptor Supplies.