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Cross-Reference Alternatives

Norton Abrasives product's MPNs (manufacturer's part numbers) generally cross individual reference to the equivalent ARC Abrasives, Merit & 3M model numbers. So, if you're looking for a similar product that is either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has an alternate product available.


These Norton Abrasives products are generally small in size and require compact packaging. They are suitable for courier shipment and not air freight.

About Norton Abrasives

Norton Abrasives catalogue comprises surface grinding wheels, sandpaper sheets & strips, flap wheels & mops, hand pads, sanding discs, rolls & belts, different types of grinding, cut-off & surface conditioning wheels and more.
Norton sanding belts are commonly used to shape and finish wooden and metallic surfaces during grinding and deburring operations.They are offered as coated and non-woven sanding belts with a variety of abrasive materials (including aluminium oxide, zirconia alumina and ceramic) to choose from. The durable and versatile Norton flap discs are a popular grinding and finishing tool designed for heavy stock removal and surface blending.

Major Trade Names

Norton Meshpower Discs

Norton Meshpower Discs

Norton MeshPower discs are designed with multiple holes & a unique mesh matrix structure for dust extraction in general applications. They can be used wet or dry due to their exclusive No-fil technology that prevents clogging for less clean-up time. These MeshPower discs have no defined hole pattern...

to allow quick & easy alignment with a compatible backup pad.

Blaze Rapid Strips

Blaze Rapid Strips

Norton Blaze Rapid Strips are mounted on angle grinders for removing surface rust, residue,weld spatter, dirt, mill scale and other surface contaminants to prepare the workpiece for coating, painting & soldering. These abrasives are stiff enough to handle harsh usage and soft enough to prevent goug...

ing & reworking.

Beartex High Strength Discs

Beartex High Strength Discs

Beartex high strength discs are installed on a bench or die grinders using a mandrel for rust or coating removal, polishing, contaminant removal and more. They feature high-strength, smear-proof resin binders to offer light satin finishes. These discs can operate longer & have better-tearing resista...

nce when used on burrs or sharp edges.

Norton Abrasives Competitive Advantages

No-fil Coating

No-fil Coating

No-fil coating on Norton Abrasive discs and sheets prevents clogging due to dust buildup. It extends disc life by resisting loading when sanding wet or dry.

Vitrified Mounted Points with Norton Quantum Grain & Vitrium3 Bond Technology

Vitrified Mounted Points with Norton Quantum Grain & Vitrium3 Bond Technology

Vitrified mounted points are used along with grinding machines for grinding small, intricate, curved metal pieces in foundry, tool room & aerospace industry. These vitrified mounted points use ceramic Quantum grain and Vitrium3 bond technology for higher removal rate of material, ensuring long operating life compared to other abrasive mounted point...

s. Vitrium3 bond technology offers cool cutting & profile holding at high speeds, whereas the Quantum ceramic grain developed from Norton's patented Seeded-Gel technology increases the cutting efficiency by providing a micrometric level breakdown.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Norton Abrasives products manufactured?

Norton Abrasives products are manufactured across the globe in Staverton, Gloucestershire and Raleigh Hall, Eccleshall and Stafford in the United Kingdom.

What are the uses of different grades of Norton sandpaper?

The grit / grade of sandpaper denotes the size of abrasive materials present. A high grit size (600 etc.) indicates finer abrasives in the sandpaper, resulting in smoother surface finishes, whereas the lower grit sizes (30, 60 etc.) represent coarser abrasives used in heavy sanding and stripping applications. Users should choose appropriate sandpaper according to their applications for fine or coarse grinding while considering the material (workpiece) properties.

What are the abrasives used in Norton grinding wheels?

The abrasives used in grinding wheels are aluminium oxide, silicon carbide, ceramic grain, zirconium aluminium oxide, cubic boron nitride and diamond.