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    Includes 1 / 2 inch (O.D.) access ports, auto phone dialers, casters, cell dividers for cryo boxes with 10/10, 7/7, 8/8 and 9/9 grid, chart recorders, carbon dioxide backup systems, communication ports, digital display monitors with alarm and ethernet web cards

About Nor-lake Scientific

Nor-Lake Scientific is a leading manufacturer of quality refrigeration products for bar and restaurant operations. The company's product line includes freezers, incubators, mini room-freezers, refrigerators and related accessories such as remote contacts, pressure relief valves, reverse hinges, casters, temperature control panels and humidifiers. The UL-listed humidity / temperature stability chambers from Nor-Lake Scientific are widely used in rubber, automotive, plastic and pharmaceutical industries to determine the effect of humidity on components or products in high-temperatures, fluctuating environments and different relative humidities. These stability chambers feature a PLC temperature controller, a Hi / Lo audible and visual temperature alarm and a stainless-steel interior cabinet liner. They have a working temperature range of 39 - 158 degrees Fahrenheit and are available in 24 and 33 cu. Ft. variants. The company also offers high-performance, low-temperature freezers featuring a digital LED microprocessor controller with Hi / Lo audible and visual alarm, a solid or glass door, heavy-duty door pivot hinges and centered key door locks. These Nor-Lake freezers have a working temperature range of -22 to -4 degrees Fahrenheit and are available in different control types, temperature ranges and door types on Raptor Supplies.

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