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About Leeson

Leeson is a leading provider of UL and CSA recognised AC and DC motors, gearmotors and motor accessories. These motors are ideal for rugged use in commercial and industrial settings and are widely used in pumps, compressors, blowers & fans. The brand's 1 and 3-phase AC motors are explosion-proof and designed for continuous duty applications in the agriculture, woodworking and metallurgy industries. Leeson DC motors are SCR-rated general-purpose motors with a low form factor suitable for food processing applications.

Major Trade Names

eco Ag

eco Ag

These motors are ideal for farm agricultural machinery. They provide high torque performance and increase efficiency up to 22%. They have sealed ball bearings for added protection and longevity. These motors include a low-temperature manual overload protector to protect against overheating.

Extreme Duck Ultra

Extreme Duck Ultra

With constant exposure to high-pressure sprays and harsh chemicals, even the smallest crack could cause motor damage or bacteria build-up. Extreme Duck Ultra motors have encapsulated housing and end bells for unrivalled sealing. The improved shaft seal technology allows installation in any orientati...


Platinum E

Platinum E

They provide desired output power while fitting into small frame sizes. These motors have powerful magnets that allow them to run at high speeds. Their compact design enables the reduction or elimination of mechanical PT equipment while also simplifying installation. They operate at a low temperatur...

e, which reduces maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of Leeson gearmotors are available?

Gearmotors are available in both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) models, in right angle and parallel shaft designs. Conveyors, packaging machines, mixers, farm equipment, cranes and hoists use AC gearmotors, whereas spreaders and low voltage or battery-powered equipment use DC gearmotors.

How do I select the right Leeson Motor for my application?

  • Determine the horsepower and RPM (rotations per minute) needed to power your application.
  • Make sure the motor is compatible with your power supply voltage.
  • Consider the temperature, humidity and location of the motor to ensure it can withstand the environment.
  • Make sure the motor can be mounted in the required orientation and that the mounting dimensions match your application.
  • Determine the duty cycle (how often and how long the motor will run) to select a motor with the appropriate insulation system.
  • Choose an enclosure that meets your application's protection and ventilation requirements.
  • Consider additional accessories required, like brakes, couplings or special leads.

Are Leeson motors energy efficient?

Leeson Motors offers a wide range of energy-efficient motors to meet industry efficiency standards like the NEMA Premium Efficiency standards. However, users should keep in mind that energy efficiency also depends on the application and how the motors are used. The use of a properly sized motor and selecting the right operating speed & voltage can also improve efficiency.

Can Leeson motors be customised for specific applications?

Yes, Leeson motors can be customised for specific applications. They can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements, including the installation of custom shafts, leads, mountings and enclosures.