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Pump Canned Motor Noryl 3/4 Hb x 3/4 Hb
Item: AE4CZM
Model: E5-NSHNNN3W-14
A$578.18 /unit (inc. GST)
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About Laing Thermotech

A Xylem brand, Laing Thermotech is a leading manufacturer of ECM pumps for commercial, solar, residential and plumbing applications. The company's product catalogue includes circulators, as well as chemical-resistant, solar and DDC pumps. The brand's chemical-resistant pumps feature a canned motor, suitable for critical applications requiring robust and reliable pumping of high pressure and high temperature fluids. These pumps from Laing Thermotech can handle a maximum pressure of 50 psi. Choose from a wide range of these chemical-resistant pumps on Raptor Supplies.