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These Ironclad products range from small to large sizes. They may require careful packaging as some items might get damaged while shipping. Hence, these Ironclad work gloves are delivered by courier shipment and air freight for minimum downtime.

About Ironclad

The company's extensive catalogue includes chemical, heat, cut & abrasion-resistance gloves; coated knit, leather palm & waterproof gloves and PPE kits, including workwear, hard hats and safety glasses. Ironclad heat-resistant gloves feature a Kovenex palm liner and silicone-laminated sidewalls for grasping hot materials of temperatures up to 600 degrees F. They come with a full Kevlar shell, offering improved cut resistance and complete heat & flame protection. They are ideal for application in petrochemical processing, drilling foundry, metalworking and manufacturing settings. The brand's impact-resistant gloves feature gel padding in critical palm areas to absorb vibrations & impact and minimise fatigue. They are typically used with power tools, heavy equipment and vibrating & impact tools.

Major Trade Names

Command Impact Gloves

Command Impact Gloves

These gloves feature Command touchscreen synthetic suede padded palm, allowing the use of touchscreen devices without removing gloves. They have polyester knit back to prevent cuts and abrasion while offering increased grip in harsh working conditions and are available in sizes XXS to XXXL for user ...


Octane Series Cryo Gloves

Octane Series Cryo Gloves

These gloves provide extreme warmth in cold weather conditions and the soft insulation on these units provides uniform heat distribution, while the wind & waterproof nitrile base coating protects from the outside elements. They also feature a textured nitrile palm coating to offer excellent wet & dr...

y grip and carbon nanoparticle-infused elements to allow touchscreen usage.

Exo Series Hi-Viz Gloves

Exo Series Hi-Viz Gloves

Ironclad's Exo Series gloves feature Duraclad reinforcements to offer 8 times extra durability than conventional abrasive-resistant gloves. They come with reflective accents for safety and high visibility in low-light areas, a TPR hook & loop closure for quick strapping around the wrist, a neoprene ...

knuckle for extreme impact protection and EXO embossed palm for a strong grip.

Rainier Series Bump Caps

Rainier Series Bump Caps

These caps feature a vented, impact-resistant shell to protect against bumps, bruises and sharp edges on jobsite. They allow snapback adjustable closure to easily fit a wide range of head sizes and ball cap style brim for protecting the face against sunrays, dust and debris.

Ironclad Competitive Advantages

Hybrid Safety Cuff

Hybrid Safety Cuff

The unique design of the hybrid safety cuff combines the secure fit of a Velcro wrist strap with quick-release benefits on jobsites. The flexible Velcro strap locks the glove into place, providing a secure grip on tools, equipment and materials. With the unique expansion chamber design, this cuff can be quickly and easily (even while the Velcro cuf...

f is securely closed) removed in an emergency, as well as offer enhanced safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are chemical-resistant gloves used for?

Ironclad offers a variety of knit gloves with only a palm coating to protect users from hazardous chemicals. These gloves are also available in fully-coated variants when working with caustic and corrosive chemicals to prevent burns.

What is Duraclad?

Duraclad is a textured polymer material that increases palm toughness for high-abrasion applications, such as concrete, rebar and lumber. This material is also suitable for gripping oily and dirty surfaces, whether smooth or rough, providing dexterity for using various hand tools.

What is the function of ContourGrip palm design?

Patented ContourGrip palm design allows maximum dexterity and control over power tools, vibrating & impact tools and heavy-duty equipment.

How do I clean and maintain Ironclad gloves?

  • Hand wash them in mild soapy water.
  • Rinse thoroughly and allow them to air dry.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach.
  • For gloves with leather components, use leather-specific cleaning products.

What factors should I consider when choosing Ironclad gloves?

  • Identify tasks for glove use.
  • Match protection to tasks.
  • Check for durability and flexibility.
  • Choose a comfortable size.
  • Balance protection with movement.
  • Ensure a secure grip on objects.
  • Pick gloves for specific substances.
  • Consider extras like touchscreen compatibility.