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Cross-Reference Alternatives

Some Haldex Barnes tools cross individual references to the equivalent Vickers model numbers. So, if you're looking for a competitor tool that is either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the equivalent Haldex Barnes tool available.


These Haldex Barnes tools range from small to large sizes. They require careful packaging as some tools might get damaged while shipping. Hence, these Haldex Barnes tools are delivered by courier shipment and air freight for minimum downtime.

About Haldex Barnes

Haldex Barnes is a leading designer and manufacturer of pumps for mobile equipment. The brand offers a wide variety of high-quality hydraulic gear pumps and flow dividers for use in construction and agricultural equipment. The brand's hydraulic pumps and bi-rotational gear pumps are ideal for highly viscous fluids and generate high output pressure. Haldex Barnes flow dividers are used to divide the flow of liquid into two or more parts and to combine the flow in the opposite direction. These flow dividers have a maximum operating pressure of 3000 psi.

Major Trade Names

Haldex Consep Condensers / Separators

Haldex Consep Condensers / Separators

Consep condensers / separators are designed for heavy duty cycle applications such as the frequent stops of city traffic operations and heavy loads. These Haldex Consep units separate, condense & remove 90% of the liquids, oils & other contaminants while running at speeds up to 30 CFM. These easy to...

retrofit condensers minimise corrosion and possible failure of air system components due to contamination. They feature a high capacity pre-separator installed between the air dryer & compressor, which helps in significantly increasing the air dryer desiccant life.

COLAS Valves

COLAS Valves

COLAS valves can be used for raising and lowering the deck height of trailers and commercial vehicles manually. COLAS valves are a replacement for current systems that require fittings, plumbing & multiple components. They feature an optional automatic reset facility to prevent an operator from vehi...

cle movement when the valve is in use. These COLAS valves allow reset mechanism for ensuring normal operation of the air suspension system. These COLAS hand control valves provide high air flow for fast response and offer dead man's, RoRo (Roll-on, Roll-off) and RtR (automatic reset to ride height) function. They are used in conjunction with both EBS & ABS.

Haldex Barnes Competitive Advantages

EB+4.0 Electronic Trailer Brake Systems

EB+4.0 Electronic Trailer Brake Systems

  • Next gen electronic trailer brake systems that bring parking brake control into electronic management, offering customers an innovative & modular approach to customisable application softwares
  • Designed as a multi-voltage system for covering applications using 12 & 24 volt systems, with 30% reduced carbon dioxide footprint
  • Serve as a global forum for various product families, including ABS with roll-over-control, EBS and conventional ABS for trailers
  • Allow configurations up to 8S/4M for road trains
  • Application software does not depend on the main brake control software
  • Override solenoid to suspend use of emergency brakes with functional CAN communication and driver warning
  • Allow mobilisation of the trailer remotely when connected to telematics and release of the spring brake under safe parking conditions only

Improved Spring Brake Technology

Improved Spring Brake Technology

  • Heat treated & electrically resistant compression springs delivering excellent performance
  • Separate rolled seals to prevent unitentional disassembly
  • Galvanised wire return springs engineered for service life twice the industry standard of brakes
  • Zinc plated push rod for resisting corrosion on exposed surfaces
  • Tethered dust plugs to prevent plug loss
  • Double O-ring seals for protection from air leakage between chambers
  • Aluminium piston and centre section for light weight & excellent UV resistance
  • Caging tool tethered for keeping the springs in place

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hydraulic flow divider?

Flow dividers are hydraulic components that are used for delivering equal flow to either two or more actuators, or sets of actuators in a series.

What is the maximum operating pressure of Haldex Barnes hydraulic flow dividers?

Haldex Barnes hydraulic flow dividers are capable of withstanding pressures up to 3000 psi.

Where are hydraulic gear pumps used?

Gear pumps are used for pumping highly viscous fluids such as paints, oils, resins or foodstuff. They are recommended for applications where accurate dosing and high pressure output is required.