Gearwrench, an Apex Tool Group brand, is a leading manufacturer of hand tools for automotive technicians and mechanics. The extensive Gearwrench catalogue includes wrenches, brake & suspension tools, pry bars, pliers, fuel system tools, tester kits and splitters. Read More


Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance

Hand Tools




Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance Filter

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  • Brake Tools

    Carbon steel spindle nut sockets designed for use with 1/2-inch square drive tools to remove spindle nuts on 4-wheel vehicles. Feature uniquely designed lugs for maximum strength and are available in 4- and 6-lug variants. Brake pad separators and piston tools also available

  • Brass Air Brake Connectors and Accessories

    Brake bleeder adapters featuring a male insert ideal for converting Gearwrench 2222 cylinder adapters to 3700 Series Master cylinder adapters

  • Engine Specialty Tools

    Includes fan clutch wrenches, ignition files, socket sets, spark plug kits and valve spring compressors for engine cylinder wall conditioning, oil draining, tubing service and valve maintenance operations

  • Oil Filter Wrenches
  • Suspension Tools

Automotive Maintenance ToolsView all

  • Automotive Specialized Tools

    Feeler, spark plug, coin and wire gap gauges suitable for measuring small gaps between objects in automotive and mechanical maintenance & repair services. Can measure gaps ranging from 0.010 to 0.100 inches

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  • Battery Accessories

    Includes terminal spreader cleaning pliers and three-way battery tools designed for cleaning terminal clamps and spreading-battery cable connections. Come equipped with sharp teeth for effectively scraping rust or other contaminations

Automotive InteriorView all

  • 12 Volt Accessories

    Highly accurate circuit testers mainly designed to troubleshoot breaks in electrical connections. Feature a long insulated probe to reach tight spaces, a heavy-duty alligator clip for solid grounding, and a retractable cord for long circuit runs. Can be used with 6 - 24 volt circuits

About Gearwrench

Gearwrench oil filter wrenches are designed to remove most truck spin-on type oil filters and feature a wide band for superior grip. These wrenches have a maximum length of 16 inches and are available in different materials, capacities and types. The company also offers an extensive line of ratcheting wrenches, including more than 20 types of wrenches in 400 sizes, such as combination wrenches, adjustable wrenches and pliers.

Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Gearwrench Hand Tools part numbers often cross-reference to various SK Professional Tools and Westward products. So, if you're looking for a Gearwrench Tool that is either obsolete or out of stock, chances are we have the equivalent item available.

Why Us?

Raptor Supplies, a trusted Gearwrench Hand Tools distributor, offers its complete range of products, such as fuel system tools, tester kits and splitters. We can also recommend suitable accessory tool kits, oil filter wrenches, master tubing service kits & more to handle diverse application requirements.


These Gearwrench products generally range from small to large sizes. They are suitable for both courier shipment and air freight for minimum downtime.

Major Trade Names

Vortex Bit Sockets

Vortex bit sockets are manufactured for use with 1/4 and 3/8 inch conventional square drive ratchets. These bit sockets are available in Torx, phillips, hex and slotted variants and are suitable to ti...Read More 

XL GearBox Wrenches

XL GearBox Wrenches feature a 0-degree offset and narrow profile to access the compact spaces. They feature an extended beam that increases leverage to improve torque at the non-ratcheting end for bre...Read More 

Gearwrench Competitive Advantages

Pass-Thru Quick-Release Adapter

These Pass-Thru adapters convert the Pass-Thru ratchet into a standard ratchet for use with all standard sockets. They come in bright, full polish chrome finishes and comfortably wipe clean and withstand corrosion.

Frequently Asked Questions


GearWrench is an exclusive hand tool brand owned by Apex Tool Group, one of the biggest hand tool manufacturers in the world.

What is the function of the trigger lock drawer system in XL Series tool storage?

The trigger Lock drawer system keeps the drawers in position and opens with an easy pull operation.

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