About Flowserve

For over 200 years, Flowserve has been providing highly reliable solutions for flow-related challenges in oil & gas, chemical and power generating industries. Its extensive catalogue includes overhung, vertical & positive displacement pumps; gearboxes, mechanical seals; and ball, butterfly, gate, globe, check & plug valves. Designed to withstand flashing hydrocarbons, abrasive slurries and ultra-high pressure gases, Flowserve seals are ideal for use with pumps, compressors, mixers or steam turbines. The brand's pump shaft seals feature a rotary unit with crimped head to prevent the shaft from being dislodged due to high-pressure flows or contaminants, and are therefore ideal for protecting the pump from lubricant leakages or from drawing air into the impeller under vacuum conditions. These seals also have a hex-shaped outer shell for reducing stress and uniformly distributing the load on pump components. Choose from a wide range of Type 16, 21 and 68 pump seals on Raptor Supplies.