About Elesa

Elesa is an ISO 14001 certified leading manufacturer precision thermoplastic and metal operating elements for applications in mechanical, construction and automotive industries. Its product catalogue includes clamping knobs, position indicators, hinges, latches and levelling mounts. The brand's flexible bridge handles feature technopolymer caps in Ergostyle colours and matte finish. Elesa handles can be assembled on curved surfaces, with diameters ranging between 300 and 800 mm, and are resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other chemical agents. The brand's friction clean hinges have a maximum rotational angle of 275 degrees and have the possibility to adjust the resistant torque of the doors on which the hinges are assembled, facilitating the door clamping in various positions. Choose from an extensive range of door hinges, tube end levelling mounts, safety interlock switch accessories and tube end levelling mounts on Raptor Supplies.