Eagle, a sub-brand of Fenner Drives, manufactures light and heavy-duty belts for use in the food processing, glass manufacturing, packaging and wood processing industries. Read More


Power Transmission


Power Transmission Filter

Round Belt Connectors

Threaded connectors used to connect orange and green round belts easily and eliminate the chances of premature belt failure due to improper welding

Round Belt Connectors

Round Belt Connectors

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Round Belts

Blue, green, orange, clear and yellow round belts made of polyurethane / urethane for use in material handling or conveyor systems. Independently tested to provide Shore A 80, 85, 89 and 95 hardness levels. Available in blue, green, orange, clear and yellow variants

Twisted O-Rings

Designed to reduce system downtime by providing easy installation without dismantling the drive components in line shafts, live rollers and conveyor belts. Come equipped with metal hooks

  • Twisted O-Rings
  • Twisted O-Rings

Twisted O-Rings

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About Eagle Belting

Eagle catalogue includes round belts, twisted O-rings and round belt connectors. The brand's round belts can be linked at their ends with barb-style connectors to form a closed-loop belt without the use of welding. They can handle temperatures ranging from -22 to 150 degrees F. Their smooth surface is ideal for conveying applications that require washdown. Eagle twisted O-rings are ideal for roller conveyors and can be fitted without disassembling the system, resulting in less downtime. These Eagle polyurethane belting feature Shore A 85 hardness.

Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Eagle part numbers often cross-reference to various Ferner Drives and Gates products. So, if you're looking for an Eagle belting that is either obsolete or out of stock, chances are we have the equivalent item available.

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These Eagle products are small in size and require compact packaging. They are suitable for courier shipment & air freight.

Major Trade Names

Freestyle Welding Kit

Eagle Freestyle welding kit includes all the necessary equipment (welder, shears & cutters) required to join Eagle polyurethane belting. This portable kit also includes batteries & a charger and does ...Read More 

Hyfen Belts

Eagle Hyfen reinforced belts are made of an 85 Shore A durometer polyurethane belting with a polyester reinforcing tensile member. It is a high-strength, low-stretch unit, ideal for long conveyor leng...Read More 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Eagle belting products meet food-grade standards?

The brand's belts are made of FDA-compliant materials and are suitable for direct food contact.

How to avoid premature belt failure?

Use the brand's round belt connectors while joining Eagle belting to avoid premature belt failure.

How to select the right Eagle polyurethane belting for my application?

To select the right Eagle polyurethane belting consider factors like the type of product being conveyed, the operating environment, the required load capacity and the belt speed.